Pure Phase Ensemble 4: ‘Live At Spacefest’

PromoImage2Imagine chilling in the long grass on a river bank in the hazy sunshine of a summer day with the gentle sound of bubbling water flowing by, the sound of a cricket in the distance and the birds chirping in the trees as a breeze blows softly through them. This conjours a feeling of peace, relaxation and of being at one with the world and that is the only way I can describe the sounds and feelings provoked by Pure Phase Ensemble 4 “Live at Spacefest”.

We frequently describe music as energetic and motivational but this is basically the polar opposite of that. This is more “if you were any more laid back you’d be dead” kind of stuff which does beg the question “how does it work in a festival setting?” Perhaps I am just too used to rock festivals where the atmosphere is completely different and everyone is jumping around full of vitality.

Mark Gardener of RIDE and Ray Dickaty (ex Spiritualized) along with some of Poland’s top musicians get together on this compilation recorded live and created at the Spacefest festival in Gdansk which was officially released on the 8th August and was put together in a week. This in itself is quite extraordinary considering the artists are all used to playing with other bands and proves an immense amount of dedication and belief is involved. It is certainly an interesting concept and obviously a crowd pleaser as the festival continues to grow each year.

If you like your music extremely easy listening then this will cover all aspects. Prepare to be chilled beyond your mildest dreams.

Pure Phase Ensemble 4 “Live at Spacefest” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Bancamp and the Nasiono records website.

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