The Train Set – ‘Never California’


The Train Set reappear in the indie rock scene with the release of a retrospective album, ‘Never California’, to be released on September 7, 2015 on Firestation Records. The band was last heard from in the late eighties when they vanished from the music scene far too soon, but they have returned after over two decades and come together to oversee the release of their new compilation album containing previously unreleased material from the bands past.

The Train Set’s new album, ‘Never California’, features great singles from the band that have a style and vibe true to late eighties British rock giving the songs a familiar sound to bands of that same era, such as The Smiths and The Cure. ‘Hold On’ starts the album with a kick featuring a great Johnny Marr style guitar that carries into great melody sections and choruses that have high energy and dynamic.


Another single that the band received much appreciation for in its 1988 debut, ‘She’s Gone’, is a high energy rock tune that unleashes an awesome clean guitar and a fierce dynamic vocal that really make it a stand out track. The single got the attention of NME’s James Brown during it’s initial release stating,

“The Train Set have done their growing up in private and will now have no trouble copping off with the entire teenage nation of orphaned Smiths fans”.

Stuart Maconie described ‘She’s Gone’ as

“sleek and shiny, fizzy and witty”, predicting “The Train Set will be huge when the world sees sense”.

‘Stop Stalling (Sob Stories)’ is another great song that has an upbeat dance feel reminiscent of English Beat and once again has the great sounding clean guitar that puts the polish on an already well written tune. Another standout single out of the twelve songs on the album called, ‘Beautiful Monster’ has a perfect tripped out delay on the guitar and a great change at the chorus that gives it a unique characteristic.

Whether you have heard of The Train Set and have been waiting for them to make their return or you have never heard their music before, you owe it to yourself to check out this album. For music and info about The Train Set and their upcoming album release of ‘Never California’ on September 7th check out the band’s WebsiteFacebookLast FM, and YouTube.


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