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Following on from her debut album ‘Interstellar Songbook’, New York’s Joanne Weaver has returned with her second offering ‘Interstellar Songbook II’. Her unique electro but retro vocals are used to turn classic-sounding American tracks for the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s into modern, twangy tracks with electro twists.

The release opens with ‘Begin The Beguine’, slow yet superbly melodic it flaunts electronic twangs. Weaver’s vocals are silky smooth and overflow with emotion in keeping with the older styles of tracks. As we progress through the release there’s a theme which becomes clear, we’re being taken through a night at the movies!

Musically we can’t help but feel yes, James Bond-esque track ‘Golden Earrings’ is hauntingly intriguing but just leads us along a path we’ve been led down by other tracks. Vocally consistent each track tells a tale, whether it be on love or loss captivating the listener to nearly forget about the faults of this release.

Release favourite ‘If I Didn’t Care’ brings some well needed variation to this release. Bolder vocals, an upbeat melody and additional electronic elements which wouldn’t have gone amiss on other tracks. The electronic elements bring a well needed edge to this track as we find ourselves getting lost and a little bit carried away with it.

Closing tracks always have the job of making releases memorable and there was a lot resting on ‘When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano’. A delicate instrumental sees us closing our eyes and once again getting lost in the nimble note work. After we’ve almost been lulled to sleep with the serenading sounds, Weaver’s vocals return as smooth as velvet.

‘Interstellar Songbook II’ is a really well executed album, with Weaver’s vocals faultless throughout. For fans this is going to be a hidden gem.

For more information visit Joanne’s official website.


Joanne Weaver - Sway (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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