GhostChant – ‘Nights Like These’

11391226_857194791022240_5802879181529431800_nThe UK’s newest most exciting electronic garage producer, GhostChant, has released a new single, ‘Nights Like These’, off his upcoming album, Sincerity, due out in Autumn on BBE Records.  The new single features ethereal vocals by Sarah Zad with a deeply emotional and atmospheric dubstep influenced track that sets an ambient mood to a danceable groove. 

GhostChant states, “The idea behind the track is youthful idealism; lazy and lustful vibes.”  The new single ‘Nights Like These’ has an incredible sense of open spaciousness around each instrument with a very relaxed flow that creates the lazy feel of the song, and with the soft and breathy vocal of Sarah Zad, it takes on a lustful vibe.  The song has a trance like feel with a great mixture of sounds that have depth and ethereal ambience blended with a minimal drum groove that drops in and out of the track and keeps the mood chill and laid back.


The beginning of the song starts with a very relaxed vibrato electric keyboard that has a lot of movement in stereo and is the backbone of the track as it lays down its long melodic phrase with the soft vocal of Sarah Zad singing over it. The drum groove starts as the song progresses and the layering of different percussion instruments begin to arise changing during each drop and breakdown but still staying rather minimal letting the ambient sounds take a more prominent role in the overall feel of the song. As each part is introduced, so is a unique instrument that adds its own melodic gesture to the swaying electric keyboard sounds and soothing vocal lines. I really enjoyed the sitar like synth sound that adds a nice character and flavour to the melody in the mix.

GhostChant is currently gigging worldwide and working on some exciting remixes for BBE. For music and info about GhostChant, and the new single, ‘Nights Like These’ that will be on the album, ‘Sincerity’, check out his Soundcloud, FacebookTwitteriTunes,, and YouTube.


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