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We introduced you to Callum Wright a while back. Since then he’s been busily wowing his way around the UK and so we’re very happy for him to have taken some time out to chat to us. Here’s our interview.

EP:  Talk us through 1, 2, 3 – what’s it about?

CW: I actually wrote 1,2,3 after being a 5th wheel on a date funnily enough. I went out to dinner with two married couples, one of which was still madly in love with each other 20 or so years on while the other one pretty obviously wasn’t…they wouldn’t even look at each other! I wrote “1,2,3” from the perspective of the lovey dovey couple about the other couple…how they couldn’t understand how anyone could make being together look so difficult. It should be easy…. easy as 1,2,3!

EP:  What are the main differences between the music industry in Barbados and the UK?

CW: Deeeeefinitely the speed at which you get things done. Everything is so laid back in Barbados, including people’s work ethic. So when I was recording my first songs down there, it would take a solid 6 months per song haha…between getting a slot to go in the studio to waiting for the producer to finish the track to then have to wait for it to be mixed to then have to wait 3 weeks to actually get a copy of the track…it just took an absolute year. I got the shock of my life when I moved over to the UK and I was getting 2 or 3 tracks a day done and dusted. It’s brilliant over here….reckon I’d actually be able to get a full album finished before I’m dead! Haha

EP:   You have a lot of fans – does the Internet play a big part in your career? 

CW: 100%!! The Internet is probably the most powerful tool in any artist’s arsenal. You have the ability to reach people from pretty much every part of the world and that’s an amazing thing. I see comments and messages from people in Brazil and even Slovakia! Never been to either of those places but my music is reaching those shores all thanks to the power of the Internet. It makes the world a much smaller place.

EP:  A cursory glance on Google shows that running was a big part of your life growing up! Do you still run? And do you feel that being an athlete has prepared you for a music career, in that you’ve learned to discipline yourself and so on?

CW: This is the probably the best question I’ve ever gotten, thanks for this one! Yep…running was a massive part of my life in Secondary School. I ran for my school every year and also ran for Barbados at a few regional and international events too…absolutely loved it. My dad was an insanely talented distance runner back in the day so I think that’s definitely where it came from. I’m still a massive fitness freak and run or hit the gym every day…I literally can’t go a day without doing something, a little difficult when I’m out on tour but I try and do a little summin summin in between gigs. In terms of if it prepared me for a music career, definitely! The amount of disciple and sacrifice that goes into being an athlete on a competitive level is insane…especially on a social level. While all my friends were out partying and drinking, I was in bed resting up for a race the following day or training…constantly missing out for my sport. It’s the exact same now with my music…there’s a crazy amount of sacrifice involved but it’s all good, there’s nothing I love more or am more passionate about than my music so I have absolutely no problem missing out!

EP:  What’s the future for Callum Wright? Where will you be in 5 years?

CW: Taking over the world! I wanna take this sunshine global!

EP:  What advice do you have for anyone else wanting to get into the music industry?

CW: Get ready to work! There’s nothing quick or easy about it but if you love it half as much as I do, it’s worth it!

EP:  What surprises would we find in your music collection?

CW: A surprising amount of Taylor Swift ha ha…secretly think she’s brilliant.

EP:  And finally – what question do you wish someone would ask you, but they never have?

CW: “Would you like me to give you a Nando’s Black Card?”… YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

1. 2. 3 is out in the UK on June 21. Find Callum online on TwitterFacebookSoundcloudYoutubeInstagram, and his website.

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