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“The dark synthesised sound of Helen Culver adds something minimalist to the dimensions of play. It allows a high rise to clearly come through in the delivery that curbs a derived slant on everything, which in turn accelerates the appeal in a truly complete way. Her vocals have a sublime essence that ordains within each track in a way that keeps everything in focus. The expansive and fluid tempo is neatly at home. This is cleverly worked and because of that emphasis everything comes together in a defined way that is brilliantly applied.”

– Unsigned and Independent

London-based singer/songwriter Helen Culver is currently working on her debut album after splitting with Baby Girl Music, with whom she had a development contract. She’s decided to head in a bold new direction with London based producer Liam Alexander and together they have fused their love of commercial and alternative music to create a unique style that is slowly but surely gaining recognition.

Helen recently released her first EP, ‘Critic’s Choice’ and has been busy performing live sets throughout the UK and has recently returned from performing in Norway. All six songs from the release have gained airplay on over 200 stations worldwide to an incredible response and the popularity continues to expand.

You can find ‘Critic’s Choice’ on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Our favourite, the EP opener, ‘Krokodil’ is a funky synth number with a pumping back beat, compares a former lover to a crocodile –

“With teeth that sharp
Don’t you dare smile
I can see your scales
You wanna be hostile”

Check out Helen’s twitter for more details about upcoming performances.

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