Introducing: Steve Moran

steve moran4Who is Steve Moran we hear you asking, well let us tell you all about this Manchester singer/songwriter! Writing songs based upon his past experiences and observations, his unique spoken work tracks tell honest, hard hitting stories to his listeners.

The track ‘Wasn’t Meant To Be’ is a personal favourite of ours, singing the heartbreakingly true story of a girl who appeared to have everything and be the popular kid in school, but with things a lot more difficult behind closed doors for her. The storytelling video to accompany this track is a hard, hitting emotional affair one which will reach out to many. The spoken lyrics to this track provide an extra intimate edge to it and closing note ‘it’s easy to judge what you don’t understand’ rings out in your head. There’s a moral behind this video which is maintained throughout and having listened to other tracks from Moran include ‘What A Waste’, this is a theme carried throughout his other tracks.

The passion Steve Moran has towards his work is clear; it’s refreshing to hear an artist not afraid to break out of the conventional style. With such relatable lyrics for so many there’s no doubt with a little bit of time the soloist will be making big waves, especially since his track ‘What A Waste’ reached #74 in the American Charts!

Check out Steve Moran at his Official Site, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and iTunes.

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