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Gallows Ghost1_resizedA couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Gallows Ghost, a relatively new band but nonetheless one with a steadily growing fanbase, and a unique sound.  We were lucky enough to have the chance to talk to lead vocalist Kate Young, and asked a few questions about what makes Gallows Ghost tick.  Hope you enjoy!

Give us the potted Gallows Ghost story!
Myself and Mako the guitarist started a couple of years ago writing folk songs together but we always had a bigger sound in our heads. And in a really bizarre and serendipitous way we started bumping into various musicians in all sorts of strange places and they gradually all became members of the band and Gallows Ghost was finally born!

You have a very polished style considering you’ve only been together for 18 months – to what do you attribute that?
We really spend a lot of time writing and creating our tracks, pulling them apart and working them over and over before we before even get them into a rehearsal space. We have such esteemed influences we really don’t want to put stuff into the world that isn’t on a par or at least aiming to be. I must say the band are all pretty amazing musicians so that helps!

Tell us about your musical influences:
We are into a lot of different styles. As well as coming from traditional folk like Shirley Collins, Burt Jansch and Fairport Convention, some of my favourite singers are Doug Pinnick, Chris Cornell, Layne Stayley and Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains….we kinda love a lot of old metal and grunge! We are also hugely influenced by trip hop and electronic music and adore Massive Attack, Moderat and London Grammar. The list really is endless!! I guess each member of the band has a huge melting pot of influences where they are coming from musically and the combination of that makes us sound like we do.

Does Kate feel her modelling experience has helped her stage presence?
I definitely think so. Whether it’s modelling, acting or music I throw myself into it with all guns blazing! I’m at my happiest being a performer and modelling has been another facet of being able to express myself. Singing is my absolute passion and love though.

What is the best gig you’ve done so far?
We have had some pretty crazy ones! We loved Proud Galleries for Oxjam as the sound was just massive in there. I nearly jumped onto the ceiling when the kick drum pads kicked in! Bestival was totally amazing but when we played the Metropolis Studio Acoustic Sessions that was a really special one. It was incredibly intimate, everyone was totally silent which was quite scary to start off with (literally we were totally unplugged, not even a microphone) but it ended up being a really magical gig and it left us smiling for days!

How would you describe your musical style?
Electronic rock and roll baby!

Does Kate feel having a famous director for a father has helped or hindered her career as a musician?
Ummmm we are so new it’s probably too early to tell!!….But my dad is my hero! He is kind of a cult director rather than being a big famous Spielberg type. He has always added a wealth of experience and creativity to my life which I think will really help me as a musician…..and he wears amazing pastel pink trousers so that’s always a winner….I am very proud of him!

Talk us through “Arrows”:  What was it like working with Chris Goulstone?
One of the most amazing and intense experiences. He has a real understanding of us as a band and what we wanted in our sound (being an original part of the Bristol trip hop scene!) And watching him work and move our songs forward was so exciting. That man has the fastest fingers we have ever seen! He is a maestro!

Tell us about playing Bestival – how exciting would that have been for you, headlining the Bandstand!
It sooooo was!! We played our hearts out to a beautiful sea of people waving pineapples and crazy looking pirates (it was desert island theme) and it was a huge privilege to be playing at such an amazing festival….huge love always to Rob Da Bank!

What does the future hold for Gallows Ghost?
Putting out loads more music and playing gigs with some of our heroes would be a great start! Maybe a tour with Kasabian…..Tom, Serge hello?

Gallows Ghost will be performing an acoustic set at The Camden Lock Tavern on February 5th and will have a full live gig for their EP launch at Hoxton Bar & Grill on February 25th.  The EP will be released on 23 February.

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