This Week’s X Factor Roundup


Is it just us…or has the X Factor lost its way this year?

In previous years it’s been fairly obvious when the judges’ eyes light up that they’ve seen pound signs and heard *ker-ching* when they’ve seen somoene, but this year it seems…well…their choices have been…ODD.

We’ve had Judges Houses this past weekend, and both Louis and Cheryl have decided on some pretty controversial choices. With Louis deciding to keep in the newly renamed Blonde Electra rather than the more popular Concept, the unnamed girl group, and the Brooks twins, he broke down in tears over the decision – but why do it anyway? Cynical us wonder if it’s because every time they’re on, twitter goes mad with “new Jedward” or “female Jedward” – even though the only things they have in common with the Irish duo is there’s 2 of them, they’re siblings, and they’re bottle blondes – as we’ve mentioned before. If anything, the Brooks twins actually have more in common with John and Edward than Ruby and Jazzy – but Louis sent them home with a “come back in 2 years”.

Having said that, Only the Young and (the as yet unnamed) BoyBand have their high points. But it still causes us to raise our eyebrows ever so slightly, and wonder if Mr Walsh really should consider hanging up his gloves and maybe enjoy his money rather than keep trying to reinvent the wheel…or whatever it is he’s doing.

Moving on to Cheryl, who also broke into tears when sending home 15 year old Emiy Middlemas in favour of Chloe Jasmine. Chloe sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – to which Cheryl responded,

‘She’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s intriguing.’

In her favour, Cheryl did keep in former Luminite Stephanie Nala, but deciding to send home Kerrieanne Covell wasn’t a popular move. Additionally Lola Saunders’ holiday was cut short*. Given that Cheryl brought Chloe back last week, we get the feeling that maybe she’s going to be going right through to the final weeks. Watch this space.

Simon and Mel B favoured better in their decision making, of course not without their share of controversy. Simon decided to send home Lizzy Pattinson, older sister of Robert, who tweeted later that she’d been suffering with laryngitis at the time,

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