Judges Houses Final 12 Revealed


Yes folks, another week has passed – the X Factor hopefuls have been to Judges Houses and we now have the line up for the live shows and I know you want to hear all about it. (Yes I do – I know!)

First up we had Louis’ groups, who headed to Bermuda. Tulisa was helping Louis and she emerged out of the sea, a sexy apparition in her white bikini, shaking off all those nasty false accusations of drug dealing with one sway of the hips.

The acts came on then and did their thing.

Blonde Electra (it’s not electric anymore for some reason) were surprisingly good, energic quirky and in tune.

When Louis said there was something about them, I thought that’s it they’re going through.

I knew the Brooks twins who came next were gone – the position for the new Jedward had already been filled.

I was also pretty sure the 8 piece boyband would go through (Simon would make sure Louis never did X Factor again if he let them go)

Anyway I was right – Blonde Electra, and 8 piece boyband went through together with Only the Young amid some very emotional scenes. Even Louis cried – but he got over it very quickly – in about 5 seconds.

The boys were up next. Mel B brought them to Mexico We were treated to a clip of them all topless in the sea. (Cowaaar) Emma Bunton was the guest judge. The camera kept cutting to a lizard, to show us they were in an exotic place. The poor creature was probably wishing they’d all just go away.

All of the lovely lads did their stint and Mel and Emma did their hair, changed their clothes and lit candles to decide.

In the end, Jake Quickenden went through in a very touching emotional scene and we all went aaah. Italian lad Andrea Faustini was also chosen – a no brainer because the guy sounds better than Pavarottti and finally Paul Akister who was rejected at judges houses by Louis last year. (I hope they weren’t putting him through to spite him).

Simon’s over 30s were brought to Simon’s house in LA. They all wore clothes with big pockets (only jokin!)

Ah well at least they went to see 1 Direction as a treat. (I’m not saying anything)

Sinnita was the guest judge and being the shrinking violet that she is, she arrived out wearing practically nothing but an Indian headdress.

The 3 chosen were Ben Haenow, Jay James and Fleur East. Helen Fulthorpe, who played a blinder up to now messed up her performance badly and wasn’t chosen for this reason. Or could it be that an older lady won it last year and they want to mix it up a bit.

Finally, Cheryl brought her girls to Nice – Ooh la la!

Dermot O’Leary was really getting in to the spirit of things in his stripy French looking top.

The girl’s treat was an excursion on a yacht. (I hope they made the most of it!)

Going through we have, Chloe Jasmine, who I admit I am a fan of. I think she has a bit of style about her which makes her stand out from the rest, Stephanie Nala and Lauren Platt.

I felt sorry for Lola Saunders, whose whole family seemed to be on tender hooks waiting to see how she got on. When Cheryl gave her the bad news, she had to ring them up and let them know she was on her way back and to let the chip shop know she’d be in on Monday.

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