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sada_vidoo_01Sada Vidoo, a platinum selling artist in her native Denmark, turned to music after enduring years of bullying and isolation.

Her new single “The Actress” from her forthcoming album “A Story With No End” shot straight to number 1 in her home country, and in 2007 she topped the charts in Turkey, Poland and Scandinavia with her collaboration with dance act Inferno.

“A Story With No End” is a collaboration with British producer Chris Ballard and acclaimed singer/songwriter Russ Ballard, who penned the Kiss anthem “God Gave Rock and Roll to You”, along with Hot Chocolate’s “So You Win Again”.

Sada recently gave Essentially Pop an insight into her music and her universe.

Here’s what she had to say:

Your look is very striking – how did you decide upon it?

I have always been in love with fashion, art and an eccentric expression…So it felt natural to be a combination of everything I love!!

We love the video for “The Actress”! It has quite an ethereal quality – what was your involvement in the creative process?

You see .. I’m constantly living in a creative mind set …
It all started with a vision in my mind, a dream, a thought…
And then it came alive in Russ Ballards livingroom…
then it ended up in the hands of a great team…Who understood me as an artist and the dark side and my light… So the storyline was transformed into the video you see today.

Describe Sada Vidoo to someone who’s not come across you before.

  • Lips like a geisha girl
  • Skin as white as a porcelain doll
  • Dresses so pretty like a princess
  • Little shoes as colourful as a candy shop
  • Blonde hair pure as the snow
  • Eyes so big and black like as a diamond unwrapped
    Sada Vidoo is freedom of music expression

What was it like working with the Ballards?

I believe that in your journey as an artist, you’re always searching for a home for your heart .. And in the Ballards family I found the place where there was a magical atmosphere. And Russ became the mentor off my music .. And his son is the best producer I have ever worked with! So it was a captivated and exciting time in my life.

What is your advice to anyone wanting to get into the music industry?

Well .. Music is supposed to be fun and giving to the soul. Hold on to that feeling and let the music be your guide .. NOT the industry …

You are described as a “creative universe and a commercial brand.” What does this mean to you?

My universe is a place where your interpretation is the guide to who I am??
For me it’s my free space to breathe ..

Tell us something about “The Actress”: What is the meaning behind the song?

When we look in the mirror we see one face, but underneath we are someone else .. The world today has pushed us into boxes of how we should be .. So we put on our masque to get by in our everyday life .. We smile but is it the truth or is it fake? So in a way we are all “The Actress”.

As someone who has suffered from bullying, what advice would you give other young people going through the same problems/issues?

Don’t hold your problems inside as you will carry them with you like a burden in your heart.. Talk to a friend, your mother, father about it .. And don’t be afraid to be yourself – to say no to bullying and stand up. Cause if it’s not your battle to take .. The next one could be your sister or your brother !!

..And How do you feel it has influenced your music?

Music was my escape .. And you can hear in my lyrics and voice the true feeling of my pain .. Without real pain experience – Russ Ballards always say – “you would not be the writer you are today “!! So I believe it has been my muse ..

You’re forthcoming album is to be entitled “a Story With No End” can you explain the meaning behind this?

Well this is the beginning of opening the doors to my lyric soul and my universe …
And where it takes us we don’t know. Like life can be unpredictable…and its “A Story with No End”….

What are you plans for the future?

My single ‘The Actress’ is out in the UK on November 6th and I can’t wait to be in London promoting it. My album is coming out in Africa and it is out in Scandinavia at the moment…I hope to be so lucky to get the chance to experience the world…To be an inspiration and to be inspired…I live and breath for the Music on stage. A tour in Denmark is coming up…and it’s all very exciting!
So who knows what the future brings – but I can’t wait to see..

Many thanks to Sada Vidoo for speaking to us!

For more information please visit her website.

“A Story With No End” by Sada Vidoo is currently available in Denmark on iTunes and the single, “The Actress” will be released in the UK on 6 November.

Watch the very ethereal “The Actress”:


Sada Vidoo spoke to Juliet Barrable and Lisa Hafey

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