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20 year old Hailey Rowe started recording at an early age, and has had the opportunity of working with top producers, including Anthony Krizan (Sonic Boom Studios), Pete Masitti (West End Studios) and Eddie Galen (Mach 1). In 2010 Hailey sang at the White House Christmas Party, following this up by singing at the Pope’s Summer Palace in 2011.

2013 saw Hailey take to YouTube, where she released the video for her song, “My Boyfriend is Gay“. The video was an instant success – starring many reality TV faces, it has to date amassed over 300,000 views.

Hailey’s follow up single, “Don’t Need Your Approval”, produced by Pete Masitti, is also matched with a clever video. It’s a different track to the comedic frivolity of “My Boyfriend Is Gay”, and is an anthem of rebellion and tolerance – with the stress on how she can be anything she wants to be.

We’d like to thank Hailey for the opportunity to speak to her.

How would you describe yourself to anyone who hasn’t heard your music before?

I would describe my music is light-hearted and fun! I try to incorporate a positive message into every song.

You got a great reaction to your video for “My Boyfriend is Gay”. It’s a really fun video! What was the thinking behind using Reality TV Stars?

My director is friends with Ruthie Alcaide from Real World. When he told her about the video, she signed on as a producer. She asked her friends, J.D. Ordinez & Kristen Kelly, to be in the video. It was a happy surprise for me the day of the shoot!

You’ve worked with some very big names in the industry, but who would you like to work with in the future?

If I could work with anyone in the world, I would love to work with Shakira. She is brilliant in my opinion! I also think Madonna puts on a great show and it’d be interesting to learn from her.

You have shown great support for the American Cancer Society, why did you choose this charity in particular, and do you feel it’s important for artists to give something back?

I lost my Grandma Rowe to cancer last year and both of my Mom’s parents have had cancer. The American Cancer Society is doing so much to make sure we all celebrate more birthdays. The Relay for Life is an epic event in my hometown and I love performing at it.

What was it like singing for the White House Christmas party?

We had to go through tons of security checks. The White House is a BEAUTIFUL place and it felt surreal to be performing there!

Your new single, “Don’t Need Your Approval”, which we love, by the way, has a very strong, clear message. What was the inspiration?

Thank you! It was inspired by the idea that we allow so many outside factors control our decisions and happiness. It is really important to me to know that I lived a life that was meaningful and true to myself, and not a life that was designed just to please others or follow society’s standards.

What are your passions away from music? What do you do to relax?

I am ultra-passionate about fitness & nutrition. I teach group fitness classes and I’m starting as a personal trainer very soon. It’s an incredibly rewarding job and a great stress release. To relax, I love nights in with my roommates, spa treatments (lol), watching movies, reading blogs, and reading personal development books. I am an old soul, can you tell?

What’s your advice for anyone wanting to break into the music industry?

If you LOVE it and will work at it, you CAN make a living in the music industry one way or another. Don’t let people tell you that it’s not worth it because it’s an unstable career… There are so many opportunities in the music industry that you could pursue: publishing, working behind the scenes in music business, performing, songwriting, back up singing, producing, etc.

Who are your musical influences?

I love Katy Perry, Shakira, Madonna, and pretty much any independent strong female artists.

What does the future hold for Hailey Rowe?

I am studying business entrepreneurship right now in college. I am going to keep performing, launch a business (it’s in the works…), and enjoying my work as a singer and fitness professional.

Thank you so much Hailey! We wish you all the best!

You can find Hailey Rowe on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course YouTube. You can also find Hailey on iTunes.

Check out her video for “Don’t Need Your Approval”:

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