My Silent Bravery – ‘Face to Face’ (Acoustic)

Matt Wade, singing as My Silent Bravery, has released his latest track, ‘Face To Face’, from the acoustic version of his latest album, ‘Breakthrough’, which was released at the end of September last year.

‘Face To Face’ follows his previous singles, ‘Drunk Off The Sun’ and ‘Warning Signs’, the former of which found its way to YouTube’s most popular chart in Brazil, and the top 10 in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. ‘Warning Signs’ was a finalist in the 2016 International Acoustic Music Awards.

Matt Wade wears his heart on his sleeve in the video for his latest track, ‘Face To Face’. The clip shows an unmoved, and seemingly dispassionate partner, just going about her everyday life, in contrast to the pain and unsuccessful vying for attention from Wade. It’s the age-old struggle of unrequited love, with director Vassili Shields calling upon his artistic sills to convey the anguish of the song. Wade follows the woman like a ghost – filled with regret and wanting – and it soon becomes clear the relationship is going nowhere.

My Silent Bravery’s album, ‘Breakthrough’ can be downloaded from iTunes. Find him on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his official website.


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