Blitzen Trapper Set To Release New Album ‘All Across This Land’ 

Highly acclaimed rock quintet Blitzen Trapper, who hail from Portland Oregon, are set to release their new studio album ‘All Across This Land’ on 2nd October.

Blitzen Trapper have a strong reputation for taking chances. The band incorporate a vast array of influences into their music, releasing albums that touch on many genres, including indie folk/rock, roots, art rock, alt country, psychedelia and pop, whilst still maintaining their own very distinctive sound.

Despite crossing the musical boundaries, Blitzen Trapper’s roots remain firmly in rock, as can be seen from their dynamic live performance.

‘All Across This Land’, once again, shows Blitzen Trapper have a unique ability to create thoughtful, melodic, finely crafted songs that still manage to deliver the full throttle, infectiousness of rock. The album opens with the title track and first single, in a flurry of guitars, bass and drums. It soon eases back a little, featuring some of lead singer and songwriter Eric Earley’s strongest writing yet, including the track  ‘Mystery and Wonder’. Semi-autobiographical, the track was inspired by the band’s beginnings, and the the chemistry they have developed over time, creating their unique blend of intelligent rock.

‘All Across This Land’ by Blitzen Trapper will be available from 2nd October, for further details visit their official  Website and Facebook page.

Blitzen Trapper have released  a preview video of ‘All Across This Land’:

You can also download the track ‘Lonesome Angel’ for free from SoundCloud:

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