LENOiR Releases Video For Latest Single ‘Nobody Could See LENOiR’

With a suave and sophisticated style that takes its inspiration from James Bond and Michael Bublé, the video for ‘Nobody Could See LENOiR’ is the latest to come from music producer and singer, LENOiR.

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J Releases Latest Album ‘Lord J (The Lord of Anonymity)’

J is a songwriter, published author, and the planet’s first and only mystic to become an international pop-star. Keeping his identity a secret, he was given the nickname, “The Lord of Anonymity” by a fan in LA. It seemed to be a very fitting title for his new album, which is out now.

Javier Castillo Releases Latest Single ‘I Don’t Want To Leave This Place’

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Javier Castillo has released his brand new summer-infused track, ‘I Don’t Want To Leave This Place’. With catchy melodies and an attention-grabbing beat, Castillo is positioning himself to be the lead artist on the soundtrack of anyone’s summer.

Steve Hamm: Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret Breaks Into The Mainstream

Actor, voice over, model and helicopter pilot Steve Hamm is engaged in a career that’s about to explode. As a retired army helicopter pilot who has been deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq, Steve Hamm was brave enough to come home and begin a new career.

Simonetta Lein – “Global Extravaganza”

Simonetta Lein is an embodiment of talent. Aside from being a supermodel, she is also a benevolent philanthropist, a television host, a television producer, an influencer, a fashion mogul, an author, and many other things that make her stand out among one of the leading women on the planet. She is also a world empowerment agent who has been an inspiring legend for those who follow her.

Burning In The Skies: ‘Caught in the Undertow’

Andrew King, the brainchild, heart and soul of Burning in The Skies, has just celebrated the release of his epic EP, “Caught In The Undertow.” With a Depeche Mode vibe, and a Linkin Park influence, the EP is already creating a global buzz. The eclectic music ranges from piano ballads too heavy guitar driven rock and synth propelled pop.

Grammy Nominee Jon Butcher’s Highly Anticipated New Single, ‘Special Day’ Now Available Worldwide

Jon Butcher has just released his highly anticipated new single, ‘Special Day’, which is now available worldwide.

Lorde Announces The Solar Power World Tour & UK Dates For May/June 2022

Today LORDE revealed her upcoming album release date as August 20th and announced her 2022 World tour dates.

VICTORIA - photo credit Lora Musheva

We Speak With VICTORIA About Eurovision, Her Future Plans, And Latest Single, ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’

If by now you’ve not heard of Bulgarian singer songwriter VICTORIA, then you must have been living under a rock. The 23 year old artist, whose full name is Victoria Georgieva, represented her homeland Bulgaria at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, making it through to the finals, and finishing a commendable 11th, with 170 points.

Danish Singer RoseeLu Has A New Song ‘Got Me Feeling Like This’ Which Sees Her Emerge Stronger And Less Vulnerable As She Lets Herself Fly.

RoseeLu is back with a new song, hot on the heels of ‘F*** With My Feelings’, and she’s singing about that relationship where the act of falling madly in love comes with the cost of losing your very identity, your very soul even. ‘Got Me Feeling Like This’ is almost the resolution to the questions asked in her last songs and finds our Danish songstress realising that to truly get back to who you are there has to be a farewell, and that although this is tough, it has to be final. This moment of realisation is beautifully realised in what feels to me like the final part of a relationship trilogy.

Riva Taylor, One Of This Country’s Outstanding Talents, Chats With EP About ‘This Woman’s Heart.2’, An Accomplished Work That Reveals Her Personal Growth As An Artist And Gently Explores Grief, Love, And Female Empowerment.

Riva Taylor, an outstanding artist we chatted with at the beginning of lockdown when she released ‘This Woman’s Heart.1’, is back with the second part of the release. The first part garnered praise from Sir Elton John and Pete Tong on its release and was created as an album which was a statement of confusion, heartbreak and loss. ‘This Woman’s Heart.2’ according to the artist “makes peace with a past and looks towards a bright future”. This new album includes ‘If I Could Ever Stop loving You’ which has found success on BBC Radio 1, ‘Magic’ which has been produced by Celeste producer Jakwob and ‘Woman’, my personal favourite, which is accompanied by a quite stunning video. I was lucky enough to chat with Riva about the album, released in May.

DJ Many Releases Single ‘Know’ With Pop Legend, Donny Osmond!

DJ Many is a YouTube Award Winning Recording artist, DJ, music producer, and songwriter, whose preferred musical styles include Hip-Hop, Reggae, Pop, R&B, and EDM, among other genres. Known for his trademarked Tiger Hat, he’s worked in the studio with the likes of Sleepy Brown, from Outkast, as well as the Academy Award winner, Three 6 Mafia.

SADGUYRAPS Releases Debut Single, ‘Thing ‘Bout Love’

Set for release on June 21, ‘Thing ‘Bout Love’ is the debut single for SADGUYRAPS. The artist, who became an online sensation on TikTok earlier this year, when one of his videos went viral. To date it has 12.5 million views, with 2.7 million likes. SADGUYRAPS has overcome adversity by working 24/7, and by using social media as a tool to promote himself.

DJ Kaito Releases Album ’10 Years’

Based in Hanover, Germany, artist and rapper DJ Kaito has released his new album, ’10 Years’. The record covers his career during this time, and is a celebration of his sound, from the first song he ever wrote, to the love he has received, as well as some odes to his haters.

Dizzy K Falola Releases Latest Single, ‘Love And Affection’

Out now, ‘Love And Affection’ is the latest single from Dizzy K Falola.

USA Car Accident Deaths In 2020

Despite the harsh restrictions that were placed on all of our lives last year which led to less of us being out on the road, there were actually more deaths from car accidents than there were in the previous year. 

Lalo The Don – ‘Til The Break of Don’

‘Til The Break Of Don’, the title track of Lalo The Don’s upcoming album, is accompanied by one of two videos filmed with pro-wrestler Hana Kimura, who sadly took her own life last year. Lalo The Don and Hana were fans of each other’s work and also friends; Lalo, now a rap artist, was previously a wrestler. Lalo shares top bill with Kimura, in the video for ‘Til The Break Of Don’, a colourful sci-fi clip that will serve as a panacea for her fans and everyone else who misses her.

OneTwenty – ‘Tora Tora’

His latest single, ‘Tora Tora’ sees OneTwenty hungering for life and new experiences.

Kovan Baldwin – ‘Last Man Standing’

Minneapolis Minnesota local Kovan Baldwin has been on hiatus for 8 years, but is back with a bang with new single, ‘Last Man Standing’. He fuses R&B, soul, and pop to create sweet and soothing tracks that go down like honey.

iHateJulian – ‘Nice To Meet You’ and  ‘Come Wit It’

iHateJulian’s latest tracks, ‘Nice To Meet You’, and ‘Come With It’, are the perfect showcase for all his different sides and sounds.

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