Jedward Surprise Fans With Preview Of New ‘Soul Crushing’ Music Video On TikTok

It’s only a minute long, but the teaser clip from Jedward’s new music video, for their single, ‘Soul Crushing’, has certainly provoked excitement among their many fans around the world.

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Amie K Drops Gorgeous New Single, ‘Pink Skies’ Exclusively On Bandcamp

Out today for 24 hours only as an exclusive Bandcamp release, Amie K’s new single, ‘Pink Skies’ is a stunning, folk pop track that will pull you in for a (Covid friendly) warm hug, and never let you go.

Jedward Do It Again With Zoom Calls For St Pats

Following on from their Christmas and Valentine’s Day personalised videos, Jedward have upped the ante yet again, this time for St Patrick’s Day.

Maroon 5 Releases New Single ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ Featuring Megan Thee Stallion

Three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning multi-platinum band Maroon 5 debuts their latest single “Beautiful Mistakes” featuring Megan Thee Stallion out NOW! The single is featured on New Music Daily on Apple Music.

‘Made To Love’, Imelda May’s Brand New Single, Is Out Today Ahead Of Her Appearance Tomorrow Night On The Graham Norton Show


Imelda will also be appearing on Graham Norton for a live performance Friday 5th March BBC1 at 10.45pm!

(Re)Introducing The UKs Hottest House Music Act… D:Ream

Reminding you what it means to be alive, Pete Cunnah and Al McKenzie are set to return as D:Ream, after 14 years. 

Is it Now Possible to Recreate the Las Vegas Experience at Home?

Las Vegas has long been known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it attracts nearly 50 million people every year. It may be best known for its casinos and gambling, but it also has a flourishing music scene. In recent years, though, the need for music and casino fans to make the long journey to the west of the USA may be waning. This is because there are various ways to get the same experience without having to hop on a plane.

T.Fernandez Releases Debut EP, ‘In My Poetic Feels’

‘In My Poetic Feels’ sees T. Fernandez lay her heart bare in her debut EP. Released yesterday, 1 March, the record is available to stream and download.

Enigmatic Cat Artist MOON Releases Latest Album, ‘1.5’

Get ready for MOON! Not your average artist, MOON is a musical cat, who has emerged as a cosmic leader with a mission to change the world. MOON’s new album, ‘1.5’, is set for release on March 12.

Carrie Melbourne Releases Debut Album, ‘Can Dance A Little’

‘Can Dance A Little’ is the debut album from Carrie Melbourne. The 13 track record is available to stream and download here, and follows on from the release of her first single, ‘Star’, last year.

Kirk Ampofo Releases Latest Single, ‘My Intention’

Kirk Ampofo’s new single, ‘My Intention’ is a collaboration with beat maker, Little Nuno, with whom he connected via online music forums and chats.

Doctor Together Releases Latest Single, ‘Transition’

Spanish artist, Doctor Together, has released his latest single, ‘Transition’.

‘It’s Ok Not to Be Ok’ Is The Name Of The Latest Single From Synthpop Duo, The Rude Awakening

Out on March 10, ‘It’s Ok Not to be Ok’ is the new single from The Rude Awakening. The track is a timely release from the UK synth duo, as they examine the psychological fragility of people in the world today. A deeply personal song, Johnny Normal and Bridget Gray are inspired by the music of synth and post-punk pioneers, including Gary Numan, PiL, Soft Cell and OMD.

R&B Artist C.LACY Releases Latest Single, ‘I Don’t Know’

C. LACY draws from the deep well that is the golden age of R&B with his new single, ‘I Don’t Know’, creating a stunning track which evokes the likes of Usher, and Ne-Yo with beautifully retro vibes, while maintaining a contemporary sound.

David Appleton Releases New Single, ‘Respuesta’

‘Respuesta’ is the new single from David Appleton. The R&B artist, from Dominican Republic, imbues a catchy Latino flavour into the track, supported by a finger-plucked guitar instrumental. ‘Respuesta’ was released on February 26, and can be streamed and downloaded here.

Belle Eve Releases Debut Single, ‘I Gotta’

‘I Gotta’ is the debut single from Isab Velasquez, who sings under the name of Belle Eve. The track is set for release on March 5.

Julia Zahra Releases Her Debut Album ‘Remedy’ On March 5th And Chats With EP.

Julia Zahra was born in Indianapolis USA but raised in The Netherlands. At 25, she has achieved many things as she has won ‘The Voice of Holland’ at just 18, the youngest singer to ever audition for and win the show, and then in 2015 winning a show called ‘The Best Singers of Holland’.
Now, it’s time to find her own direction and try to find recognition outside of Holland. She has, since those shows, released critically acclaimed music of her own and toured extensively in Oceania where she’s garnered quite a following. Julia was speaking with Steve Holley.

Papa Roy Foundation Releases Debut Single ‘Say’

Released 26 February, Papa Roy Foundation’s single, ‘Say’ brings us out of the darkness and gloom of winter, and into the glorious light. You can stream and download the upbeat single here.

Lucy Spraggan Releases New Album ‘Choices’ Today Friday 26th February

Lucy Spraggan releases album number six today and it’s an album that comes from the soul. Most artists will have, at some point in their career, the record that changes everything for them. It might not be the album with the most success, or the album with the most hits but it will be that album where everything seems to come together, where the lessons learned from everything that comes previously enables something forged in real honesty, in real emotion. For me, this will be that album for Lucy; the record that becomes the touchstone for everything that will inevitably follow, the bar against which everything else will be compared.

Bruce Sudano – ‘It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)’

We’ve written about Bruce Sudano’s songs and videos a number of times on here, and regular readers will know that he favours clips which feature animation. For his latest single, ‘It Don’t Take Much (Because I Do)’, Sudano has once again visited this means of visualisation, and we see both the singer and his band rendered as 2-D digital images.

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