Eddie Grand – ‘Slay’

After more than a decade of experience in the music industry, Eddie Grand is ready to make real impact with his new release, ‘Slay’.

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Zidiq – ‘African Mama’

Zidiq’s most recent release, ‘African Mama’, has blown listeners away and is garnering significant airplay across Nigerian’s top radio stations. ‘African Mama’ celebrates and appreciates the beauty of African women.

Danny Griego and KP Fitz – ‘Twenty Two’

‘Twenty Two’ is essentially a pleading message to the people of the US military that they are loved and wanted in this world. Although the road of life may have been unforgiving and unjust, Griego and Fitz want veterans to know that their sacrifice has not gone unappreciated and that it should be the duty of all Americans to tell their brave few that they are here for them.

Kid Pullen – ‘Shine From My Casket’, And ‘Can’t Help’

This may be the first time we’ve heard a rapper rhyme about fast cars and fly jewellery and NOT be bragging on it.

Brynn Stanley – ‘Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me’

Brynn Stanley’s version of ‘Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me’ retains the drive and sparkle of the Elvis original, and adds to it a playful and provocative quality that’s entirely her own.

BREE – ‘Damn, I’m Being Me Again’

Four power chords cure everything, even that thing inside us telling us to hit the self-destruct button every five minutes. ‘Damn, I’m Being Me Again’, by BREE, makes being your own worst enemy sound pretty goddamn fun.

TisaKorean – ‘AERO (Blow the Whistle)’

In the promotional spot for ‘AERO (Blow The Whistle)’. TisaKorean shows off his flow, and his moves, too – dancing on street corners, in the car wash, and, in one memorable sequence, on top of the checkout desk at Aeropostale.

JES – ‘We Belong To The Night’

As a beacon of light in a world full of darkness, JES shines bright in “We Belong To The Night’. Through a humorous portrayal of two individuals with a werewolf obsession, the two cross paths under the full moon and watch the city skyline decked out in full fur costumes.

Waldo Witt – ‘Carteret’

‘Carteret’, for instance, is quintessential Waldo Witt: it’s a waking reverie, a swim in a deep river with dangerous undercurrents.

Pinegrove – ‘Phase’

The song ‘Phase’ is more or less about insomnia — trying to sleep but things racing in your mind… moving through anxieties & eventually, hopefully, into sleep.

PM – ‘Touch It’ And ‘Get It’

Once you hear ‘Touch It’, and ‘Get It’, we think you’ll agree that the bond between Phi and Meisha is a powerful one indeed. If these two rappers are uncommonly frank, raw, and uncompromising, there’s a good reason for their confidence and their swagger. They know they’ve got each other’s backs.

Dan Ashley – ‘What Really Matters’

In ‘What Really Matters’, Dan Ashley puts life into perspective. He sings about the miraculous encounters he has faced and the traumatizing stories he has heard, proving that all of our priorities are relative.

The Phoenix Rose – ‘Planet’

Jarvis Smith of The Phoenix Rose is one of those true believers in ecological necessity, and his gorgeous clip for ‘Planet’, his latest single, is a paean to the Earth.

Jane N The Jungle – ‘Beach On Fire’

Arizona alternative rock powerhouse Jane N The Jungle is back once again with another hit. Lead singer Jordan White and her bandmates, Brian Dellis and Bryan Dague, fuse 90s alternative and modern rock. Their trademark sound can be recognized by their bodacious guitar riffs and vocals haunted by fervent passion. Their spirited recordings are brought to life by their ferocious live sets and unique fashion aesthetics.

The Great Dictators – ‘By The Throat’

The clip for ‘By The Throat’, by Danish rock band The Great Dictators, doesn’t last for eight minutes, like the Winter Light one-shot sequence, but it is in all other respects a re-imagining of Bergman’s famous scene.

Pop/Dance Chat Dominator Allegra Stars In YouTuber Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Selena Gomez Cover ‘Loose You To Love Me’

It’s round two for ‘All About Us’ singer Allegra and mega internet influencer Kurt Hugo Schneider, as the dynamic duo return to put their sonic spin of Selena Gomez single ‘Loose You To Love Me’.

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