The Dead Daisies – ‘Unspoken’

We have written about The Dead Daisies a number of times, so rather than spending more time on describing them here, we’ll refer you back to our previous articles about the band. Suffice to say, they’re a supergroup collective of ferocious rockers you’ll definitely have heard of, who have found a common groove and voice which draws on their experience in their classic bands, and they’ve extended it into even more fantastic music. One thing we do need to add however, is that the group, already superb, have added to their number the incredible bassist and singer, Glenn Hughes, known for his work with Trapeze, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. With one of the most distinctive vocal styles in popular music, combining power with a legendary range, he is going to take The Dead Daisies even higher than they’ve gone before. Latest single, ‘Unspoken’, sees Hughes show us what he’s made of: and we’re not disappointed.