We Talk To Rotana About LA And ‘Demo Love Series’

Oozing with confidence, Rotana’s debut ‘Demo Love Series’ is a glorious celebration of carefree, embracing self-expression and freedom. Bursting with brooding pop hooks and seductive from start to finish, we breezed through some questions to discuss the release, filming on a whim and how she avoids the negativity of LA pressures.

Shataramarie Gets ‘NakedInLove/NakedInHate’ With New Album

The daughter of Henry Lee Jackson, who was better known by his stage name of Big Bank Hank, of the SugarHill Gang, Shataramarie Jackson nonetheless grew up listening to Sade and Cher. She started writing songs back in school, and decided to get back into the music industry in 2015, after the death of her father.

Charity Ekeke’s ‘She’ Is A Timely And Potent Message For All Women

When she was growing up in Nigeria, Charity Ekeke saved up all her money to buy a Record Song Book, once every six months. With these she learned songs from The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Cliff Richard, and so on.

Since that time she’s moved to the California, and has poured all the knowledge she gained from learning these songs into her music, and has now released her debut album, ‘She’.

Mohka Melkai Is Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place With ‘Sway’

Mokha Melkai, from Johannesburg, South Africa, is a hip hop artist whose new single, ‘Sway’, relies on a heavy bass beat and catchy hooks. His sparse yet powerful lyrics are the perfect accompaniment, his sound reflecting the influence of artists such as The Weeknd, Drake, and Sade.