Jonathan – ‘I Never Meant To Be There’

Hailing from Rijeka, Croatia, Jonathan formed in 2011, and comprises five hugely talented musicians, whose aim is to break down the barriers put up by geography and language.

THIS IS THE POPS – Daniel Ash On His Return To Live Performance With Poptone, Plans for New Material And HIs Enduring Love For The Three-And-A-Half Minute Hit Single

Funny, open and engaging, Daniel Ash is not quite what you might expect from the man behind some of the darkest and most experimental music of…

Edward Rogers – ‘Glass Marbles’ Set For Release Sept 2nd 2016

On September 2nd Edward Rogers will release his sixth studio album entitled “Glass Marbles”. Already released to critical acclaim in the States ; the Village Voice said “gives us a pretty good sense of what Roxy Music might have sounded like in 2016″ and The Vinyl District called it ” pop-rock classicism”. High praise for an artist born in Birmingham before moving to New York at the age of 12 just as British music exploded in America.

WORTHY OF YOUR ADORATION? Savages’ New Album Track by Track

Matt Catchpole reviews Savages’ new album, ‘Adore Life’.

Peppermint Heaven Are An 80s Dream With ‘Precious Things’

Peppermint Heaven are set to release their debut album, the 80s synthpop ‘Precious Things’ on 29 January.