Celebrate #LolaDay As The Kinks’ ‘Lola’ Turns 50 On June 12th

On 12th June 1970 one of Britain’s finest bands, The Kinks, released a ground breaking song that would further cement their place in history, ‘Lola’. This week The Kinks and BMG launch #LolaDay to celebrate 50 years of this seminal single. Fans will be able to ‘Lolafy’ their individual photos with 10 new custom made stickers available via The Kinks’ website. Throughout the day some of the finest acts around will release their interpretations of the track via The Kinks’ channels.

The Kinks Announce 50th Anniversary Release of ‘Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire’

Without doubt, the Kinks’ 7th studio album is one of the greatest rock albums ever made, a near perfect example of Ray Davies’ incredible storytelling ability in what was an innovation in 1969: a concept album. It’s also poignant that a record based on thestory of emigrating from the UK around its potential to enter the Common Market should hit its 50th anniversary right now. With Brexit on the horizon, the themes of ‘Arthur’ ring alarmingly familiar.