Meresha Opens The Door With New EP ‘Enter the Dreamland’

Indie singer, mult-instrumentalist, and producer, Meresha successfully takes influences from a diverse range of artists including Robert Plant, Joss Stone, Freddie Mercury, Hayley Williams, Prince, and Björk – with the result her own unique sound.

Gavriel Rafael Has Some ‘Bomb Love’ With New Release

We featured Vein some time ago with his single, ‘I Feel It’. Now performing under his real name, Gavriel Rafael, the Puerto Rican/Russian producer, DJ and songwriter has released his new track, ‘Bomb Love’, via Soundcloud.

Xavier Toscano “Runaway”

Xavier Toscano believes that pop music is the soundtrack to our lives, and with previous release, ‘Apologies Wasted’, and new single, ‘Runaway’, he reminds his listeners that pop music is music that makes us feel good.

We Feel It With Vein’s New Single, ‘I Feel It’

He’s worked with artists such as Pitbull, Red Foo, Jay Sean, Leona Lewis, and Enrique Iglesias. He helped ring in 2012 from Times Square, New York. He’s had a hit remix, ‘Mars’, featuring Jay Sean singing in Spanish. You’ll likely have heard Vein’s work without ever realising it was him.

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