Mike Shinoda’s ‘Post Traumatic’ Is A Sad Album Yet Serves As A Catharsis For Linkin Park Fans As Much As For Him

‘Post Traumatic’ by Mike Shinoda, is a sad album. There’s no getting past it. Written in the shadow of the suicide of his friend and Linkin Park bandmate, Chester Bennington, Shinoda uses the deeply personal album as a catharsis to work through his feelings. The 16 track full length album follows on from the EP of the same name, released in January this year.

Jane N’ The Jungle – ‘One Time’

Jane N’ The Jungle are certainly making a name for themselves with their unique blend of 90s style alt and modern rock. The Phoenix Arizona trio, who formed back in 2013, have already graced the pages of Essentially Pop several times in 2017 alone, most notably with their singles, ‘Killed Someone’, and ‘Faded Stars’. Now they’ve released their final instalment for the year, ‘One Time’; a pared down ballad which gives the listener a deeply personal look at the band.