Pennan Brae Is Giving Up ‘Weed & Whisky Women’ With New Release

Vancouver rocker Pennan Brae returns with another retro-cool lyric video, for his new single, ‘Weed & Whisky Women’. Continuously taking inspiration from the 70s and 80s for his sound, ‘Weed & Whisky Women’ doesn’t disappoint, as it kicks off Pennan’s 9th album, ‘Cinema’, which came out on June 25th, 2021. The lead single of the 11-track album was mixed by producer Kirk Kelsey (The Smashing Pumpkins).

Pennan Brae – ‘El Camino’

Pennan Brae’s latest single, ‘El Camino’, comes from ‘Lit’ and is accompanied by a lyric video directed by his long-time collaborator, Rob Fitzgerald. An homage to the classic Chevrolet vehicle, which was introduced as a coupe back in 1959, and last produced in 1987 as a standard two door station wagon. Understandably, the song is flavoured with the 80s and those long hot summers we all seem to remember (did they actually exist?). We see rock-n-roller Brae ready for life to start picking up pace again after being left by his love. Fitzgerald interleaves vibrant patterns over the vintage vehicle, and we are pulled along and get lost in the liberating journey.

Pennan Brae – ‘Pay Dirt’ (Lyric Video)

Pennan Brae’s sound is steeped in the sound of classic American rock and blues, storytellers such as Muddy Waters, BB King, and Elmore James. He’s also influenced by the likes of Elton John, and the sounds of the 80s: in fact he describes himself as the kind of rocker who “travels back in time yet remains unmistakably contemporary”. He builds huge rock songs, based on three or four chords, and gives them a timeless classic quality, turning humour, nostalgia, pleasure and pain into intense pop-rock and piano-driven ballads.