THE STARLET’S CUT – Bauhaus Bassist David J Re-Works ‘The Auteur’ In Collaboration With Actor And #MeToo Activist Rose McGowan

Bauhaus and Love and Rockets bassist David J is teaming up with actor Rose McGowan on a new single The Auteur (Redux – The…

THIS IS THE POPS – Daniel Ash On His Return To Live Performance With Poptone, Plans for New Material And HIs Enduring Love For The Three-And-A-Half Minute Hit Single

Funny, open and engaging, Daniel Ash is not quite what you might expect from the man behind some of the darkest and most experimental music of…

BELA LUGOSI’S READ – Drummer Kevin Haskins’ New Book Relives His Years With Goth Rockers Bauhaus

Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins was behind the kit for one of the most iconic groups of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Now he’s got…

BLACK CELEBRATION – Cocteaus And NIN Producer Fryer Helms Debut By Goth/Post-Punk Duo Mary And The Ram

The pale hordes who descend on Whitby for the biannual Goth Weekend may just have found the perfect soundtrack for their journey.
With esteemed Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil producer John Fryer at the controls, York-based duo Mary and the Ram have come up with a modernist take on coffin-rattlers like Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and The Sisters of Mercy.

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