Jim Clements’ Releases New Track ‘The Comet I Was Waiting For’ From Fourth Album ‘A Failure’

Jim Clements’ voice sounds to us like a cross between Donovan and Marc Bolan, with their lyrical abilities crossed with Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, and Leonard Cohen. In the ultimate sense of the word, Clements is a songwriter’s songwriter – we’re not listening for his voice, which is still quite appealing – but we’re hanging onto his every word as it drops from his lips.

Pete Gardiner – New Single, ‘Pretty Smiles’

Born in Newtownards in Northern Ireland, Peter Gardiner is slowly carving quite a following amongst those who love well crafted songs which tell the stories of everyday life with all its passions and pitfalls. Whether they are related to something in the news, personal circumstances, romances or general relationships, Pete is keen to put them in his songs and, in much the same way as his idols Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan, everyday life becomes something enthralling.