Pezzettino – ‘How To’

Margaret Stutt found her recording moniker from a children’s book of the same name, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. The titular character of the book lives in a world where everyone is big, and does wonderful things; Pezzettino however is small; just a little piece (Pezzettino is “piece” in Italian). “I must be a piece of somebody. I must belong to somebody else.” Pezzettino discovers that he belongs to nobody but himself, and finds peace and joy in the realisation.

Guitar Legend Adrian Belew Announces Reinvented Live Show With New Quartet

The legendary Adrian Belew has certainly travelled around the musical map. A multi-instrumentalist whose solo records have been critically acclaimed, he’s also noted for his moving singing voice, and prolific songwriting, all of which has endeared him to a loyal fanbase of music lovers. His music is daily discovered by more and more listeners, and indeed, we discovered him through his work with David Bowie, and the Celebrating David Bowie concerts, one of which we were privileged to attend last year, at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush.

Hop Along – ‘How Simple’

When Philadelphia quartet Hop Along released their second album, ‘Painted Shut’ back in 2015, their fans have wondered what they would come up with next. The mesmerising album which was denoted by frontwoman Frances Quinlan’s storytelling, found its way to “best of” lists from the likes of Vice, Stereogum, and Consquence Of Sound, and much was made of their idiosyncratic sound – classic songwriting albeit with alternatively humorous and horrifying lyrics, subtle intricacy in terms of their rhythm section, dark production, and Quinlan’s voice itself.

Sound Sculptor Le Fil Is One To Watch With New EP ‘Nightlife’

Born into a Cantonese speaking family, Le Fil learned English by singing along to a pop music diet of Bros and Kylie Minogue. Originally from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, but now based in Peckham, South London, the singer songwriter and artist has established himself on the underground culture circuit, with his blend of dark pop, provocative performance art, and striking sculptures, which focus on identity and gender politics.