LGBT History Month: Loud And Proud!

It’s February, which means it’s LGBTQ+ history month. But, as well as looking backwards at the musicians and artists who have shaped history as openly gay, lesbian and queer spokespeople, it’s important to shine a light on those who are around today, standing loud and proud and making music as part of an underrepresented and marginalised group of people. 


Taking cues from the almighty Fleetwood Mac, Joe McElderry’s new release, ‘Baby Had Your Fun’ combines disco, pop and country styles in order to create a fun-filled song which might just bring us enough joy to get us through the January blues and out the other end.

The Nation’s Sweetheart Joe McElderry Set To Return With Kiss-Off Anthem, ‘Baby Had Your Fun’

The nation’s sweetheart JOE McELDERRY returns to the airwaves to beat the January blues with his kiss-off hit, BABY HAD YOUR FUN. Taking cues from the almighty FLEETWOOD MAC, this new song brings country to disco, proving that McElderry has what it takes to build on his lockdown momentum and provide the fun-filled anthem we all need.

Olly Murs Listening Party 24 October - Photo Credit Lisa Hafey

Olly Murs Is Set To Follow Up His Previous Hits With New Album ‘You Know I Know’

Olly Murs has released five albums so far, four of which have reached the number one spot, while his self titled debut, released in 2010, had to be satisfied with second place. Not too shady really! Olly’s 6th album, ‘You Know I Know’, set for release this Friday, November 9, looks set to repeat the trend, with its double album style blend of new songs and older hits.

Live Review – Joe McElderry Wows Harlow

X Factor winner Joe McElderry has a voice which is both beautiful and versatile. From Pop to Opera, Joe nails it all.

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