Help Is On The Way: We Speak With Marlon Davis About His Song, ‘Handyman’, The Move From Jamaica To the US, And His Inspirations

In Marlon Davis’s latest track, he sings about a handyman, who makes his living fixing up problems around the home. We spoke to him about his song, and also the experiences he’s had moving from Jamaica to Indianapolis.

Marlon Davis Will Fix It With His New Pop Single And Video, ‘Handyman’

Marlon Davis’s new single, ‘Handyman’, is impossibly catchy, and filled with playfulness, wit, and innuendo.

AWOLNATION – ‘Handyman’

‘Handyman’ is the third single from AWOLNATION’s second album, ‘Here Come The Runts’, released earlier this month. Their 2011 debut album, ‘Megalithic Symphony’ took them to the stars, but the new album leads them into uncharted (sonic) waters.