The Essential Advent Calendar: December 25 – The Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York, Children’s Choir Moloda Dumka and Acclaimed Conductor/Arranger Vasyl Hrechynsky Team Up with Haley & Michaels For ‘Shchedryk – Carol of the Bells

It’s Christmas Day December 25 and we’ve reached the final door of our Essential Advent Calendar. As we open the door we reveal The Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York, alongside conductor Vasyl Hrechynsky and Haley & Michaels, all of whom have teamed up to pay tribute to the 100 year anniversary of ‘Carol of the Bells,’ which was based on the Ukrainian song, ‘Shchedryk.’

Katie Melua Releases Ukrainian Carol ‘The Little Swallow’ From Her Critically Acclaimed Album ‘In Winter’

Performed in Ukrainian, a language that Katie Melua and the members of Gori Women’s Choir had to learn, ‘The Little Swallow’ – or ‘Shchedryk’ – is a Ukrainian carol originally arranged by Mykola Leontovych in 1916 and later adapted as ‘Carol Of The Bells’.

Essential Advent Calendar: Essential Advent Playlist

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Today we’re doing a combined Advent Calendar and Essential Playlist to celebrate all the wonderful songs we’ve featured every day.

Essential Advent Calendar: Lily Lambert – ‘Carol of the Bells’

Day 5 of the Essential Advent Calendar, and we introduce you to Lily Lambert, with her Americana-style take on the classic, ‘Carol of the Bells’.