ash.ØK – ‘Breathe Me In’

ash.ØK is wholly independent, and makes his music without a label or a corporate machine behind him, and yet he’s still managed to forge his way through the music industry, and has worked with a number of well-known artists, and seasoned veterans over the years.

ash.ØK ‘We’ll Waste Away’ (featuring Robyn Cage and Jomy George)

Askok Kailath, aka ash.ØK, is no stranger to regular readers of EP, as we’ve written about his music on a number of occasions. The Pennsylvanian producer released his debut album, ‘The Unraveled’, back in 2017, whereupon he drew us in, tempting us to join him on his cinematic journey. His latest single, ‘We’ll Waste Away’, comes with a music video filmed in rural Kerala, in India.

ash.ØK – ‘Holding Sand’

We’ve covered releases by Pennsylvanian producer ash.ØK in the past, and we love the sound he gives to his productions, no matter with whom he’s collaborated.

ash.ØK – ‘Shattered On The Inside’ ft. Conkarah x DJ Jounce

Better known by his performing name ash.ØK, Philadelphia-based producer Ashok Kailath is one of the most versatile around, with his excellent ear and refreshing cutting edge vision which enables him to turn to gold anything he works on. His debut album, ‘The Unravelled’, takes his talents and combines them with his expertly chosen team of collaborators, including Indian percussionist Jomy George, the pan-ethnic West Philadelphia Orchestra and Grammy-award-winning cellist Tina Guo. ash.ØK follows up the powerful title track which was released last year, with his brand new single, ‘Shattered On The Inside’, which picks up where ‘The Unravelled’ left off.

ash.ØK – ‘The Unraveled’

Pennsylvanian producer Ashok Kailath, recording as ash.ØK, leaves his stamp on everything he touches. His debut album, ‘The Unraveled’, is album of mixed styles and moods, with ash.ØK incorporating elements from dance, world music, prog rock, modern pop, and experimental sounds out of left field.