Afrobeats one-to-watch Great Adamz shines with new single ‘Talk To Me’ 

If you’re hoping to start summer early, look no further than the award-winning Great Adamz trance-inducing afrobeat offering, ‘Talk To Me’. Sketched as a sonic journey of reflection, adolescent love and desire, the soaring artist’s lovelorn confessions are laced into melodies that orbit enticing rhythms and twinkling moments of Latin guitar. 

The elusive aura of ‘Talk To Me’ is precisely modelled by elaborate melodic lines and a pulsating, contagious flow. Met with a prominent beat that serves as its driving force, the hit is infused with dynamic energy, allowing the radiating vocal lines to float seamlessly. It merges together to develop a heartfelt slice of afropop, imploring listeners to dance the night away. 

With impressive credentials that increasingly shake up the Afrobeat scene, Great Adamz is escaping to chart-topping heights and TikTok-led mainstream. ‘Kuron Be’, which sparked a contagious viral dance and oceans of praise, multiplied the singer-songwriter’s Afropop expertise. It’s more than a presumption that the seductive new single will expand his prolific style across the globe. 

Listen to ‘Talk To Me’ out now via Radikal Records: 

Great Adamz - Talk To Me | Official Music Video

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