Icona Pop Release New Single ‘Fall In Love’ From Second Album

Last week, Swedish electro pop duo Icona Pop released their latest single, ‘Fall In Love’, from their second album, titled ‘Club Romantech’. Best known for the 2013 hit song, ‘I Love It’, Icona Pop have fallen under the radar for the past couple years, despite continuing to release brilliant tracks on the regular – a trend that they hope to remedy with their latest album release, ‘Club Romantech’.

Icona Pop’s iconic members, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, initially attended the same music school in Stockholm, but formed much later when they met at a party in early 2009. Two years later, they debuted with the EP ‘Nights Like This’, with the track ‘Manners’ being sampled by Chiddy Bang (the duo) for the platinum-certified track, ‘Mind Your Manners’. Their big break came a year later, with the release of ‘I Love It’ – a song that shipped nearly ten million units worldwide, becoming platinum-certified in nine countries. The duo haven’t seen the same level of success since then, but have continued to make high-quality electric jams for not only their Swedish fans, but the whole world – with the new track, ‘Fall In Love’, continuing their musical journey.

The thing that makes Icona Pop’s music so awesome is that the duo are willing to change up their style so much. Having a discography full of sweetened pop hits alongside hard, electronic dance tracks isn’t a distinction that most groups can claim, but the duo claim it in their own way, looking brilliant while doing so. ‘Fall In Love’ disguises emotional lyrics with an eclectic beat to dance along to, accompanied by smooth vocals from Hjelt and Jawo. The new track is only a sample of what’s yet to come from ‘Club Romantech’, however, and more is on the way come September 1st when the album releases. For now, listen to ‘Fall In Love’ below.

Listen to the new track here and watch the music video here.

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