Depeche Mode Release Singles Collection From ‘Delta Machine’

One of Depeche Mode’s most divisive albums ever is getting a tenth year anniversary re-release of sorts, with all 3 of the album’s singles getting the vinyl treatment in a six-disc collection that not only includes the 3 singles, but remastered/remixed versions of the brilliant tracks. The group has made great use of vinyl singles over the past few decades, using them as an opportunity to show off remixes of songs that would otherwise not fit in on any of their studio albums.

A re-release of ‘Delta Machine’ has been in the works for years now, as Sony Music has been re-releasing singles from previous Depeche Mode albums for the last couple years now, starting with ‘Speak and Spell – The 12” Singles’ in 2018 and leading up to its most recent release with ‘Sounds of the Universe – The 12” Singles’ earlier this month. The long-awaited release has been highly anticipated by fans of Depeche Mode from all over the world, and is set to hit shelves on the 6th of October, 2023.

Featuring the classic singles, ‘Heaven’, ‘Soothe My Soul’ and ‘Should Be Higher’, alongside remixes, instrumentals and live performances of the aforementioned singles, the six-disc box collection is a must have for any electropop fan who holds the album in high regard. Despite the album’s divisive nature, there’s no doubt that these three singles are some of Depeche Mode’s best work this century, and absolutely worth checking out at least once come October, when they finally release.

Pre-order the box singles through the group’s website here.

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