5 Best Casino Movies Of All Time

Casinos aren’t only popular in real life, but it’s also one of the favorite settings of many top-hit movies from decades ago until today. Many amazing movies released are either about casinos or are set in a casino.

One of the reasons why the casino is a hot spot for award-winning films is because it brings excitement to the movie. From the risk of the games itself down to the flashing lights and noises around the casino, it helps bring life to the film.

That’s why many movies about casinos became an all-time favorite of movie fans worldwide. So, if you’re looking for phenomenal movies set in a casino, you might want to check out these five timeless films.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is one of the best casino movies that many gamblers love. Released in 2001, this movie stars George Clooney as Danny Ocean, Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan, and many more amazing actors and actresses.

The storyline of the movie is something that gamblers enjoy, and casino operators fear. It’s because George Clooney and his gang planned the perfect casino heist in Sin City. He plans to heist not just one but three big casinos in Las Vegas at once.

The goal of the gang is pretty ambitious, but they manage to pull it off, which triggers the question: Is it possible to do casino heists? Casino security experts said that the heist in the movie is impossible to do in real life, then and now.

So, operators have nothing to worry about because players can’t replicate the heist in the movie. All of it was fictional. Therefore, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie even if you can’t organize a perfect heist like Danny Ocean.


This next casino movie is more focused on the game of blackjack. The film is about a professor who teaches his students how to beat the house in a blackjack game. Watching the movie will truly entice you to play blackjack.

Who doesn’t want to beat the house, right? Every casino player has one goal: to win a lot of money. If you already love blackjack, then the movie will provide you with a better understanding of the game that might help you improve your blackjack performance in real life.

Watch the movie as soon as possible and try to understand it well. Then, try your new knowledge about the game by playing FanDuel BlackJack in the comforts of your home, without the distraction of the noise of other people.

And what makes this movie interesting is that it is based on the novel “Bringing Down the House,” which was a true story about the MIT blackjack team in the 1980s. Therefore, the movie will give you valuable lessons about blackjack.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is one of those James Bond movies that everybody loves. Who doesn’t love James Bond, right? He seems to pull off the perfect plan for everything with his secret agent skills. He’s invincible and is a strong chick magnet.

But with Casino Royale, James Bond also showcased his poker skills, and his poker face was unshaken. Out of all the James Bond franchises, Casino Royale is the most popular up to this date, which is why it would be a pity if you missed this one.


If you’re looking for a timeless classic, then the Movie Casino would be ideal. Sam “Ace” Rothstein, the movie’s protagonist, is played by multi-award winning actor Robert De Niro. It is yet another movie based on real events, as stated in the novel on which the movie is based.

The story of the movie is about an ex-gangster who takes up a new career as a manager of multiple casinos in Las Vegas. In the novel, the writer, Nicholas Pileggi, wrote the story about a man who manages four casinos for the Mafia.

The movie conveys that Rothstein stole money from the casinos where he worked. It showed how he robbed the casinos, from the table games to the slot machines and down to the gift shops. It is a movie that will bring you to the edge of your seat. So, you better include this classic film in your list of must-watch movies.


Another oldies but goodies film about casino games is Rounder. This movie stars Matt Damon, who plays Mike McDermot, a young and broke law student who is a poker genius. McDermot isn’t just a player. He is passionate about the game, making it hard to balance his responsibilities to his girlfriend and his love for poker.

However, the time came that he decided to leave the table for good when he was beaten by a mobster over a game that almost cost him his life. But he eventually returns to playing poker to save his friend from a loan shark. It’s a great movie that showcases the character’s love and passion for the game and the people in his life.

Final Words

You’re missing out big time if you haven’t watched these five movies yet. So, it’s highly recommended to start watching these films one by one and relate to the characters in the movie. Who knows, you might become better at playing your favorite casino games after watching these films.

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