NEW SINGLE: Tom Speight ‘If This Is How The Story Ends’

With the New Year, Tom Speight got the ball rolling early with a mysterious single, ‘The One,’ giving his fans a sneak peek of his third album, coming later this year. As his newest and second offering of his upcoming project, he shares the personal record ‘If This Is How The Story Ends.’ 

Previously referred to as a one-to-watch artist, Tom Speight has become one of the most precious names in popular UK music. The London-based singer/songwriter has been making waves since his debut ‘Collide’ in 2019. 

With the unveiling of ‘If This Is How The Story Ends’,’ Speight peels  off a new layer, showing off more of his personal life, as the single touches upon his parents’ divorce and his take-aways. Speight spoke about coming to a realisation, not everything is meant to be but it is important to keep it together and still be hopeful and believe in love. 

With his second album, ‘Everything’s Waiting For You,’ Tom Speight has gathered an impressive 200 million streams and 1 million monthly listeners. His hit-packed catalog made Tom Speight the most featured artist in the 2021 season of Love Island. His music also appeared on hit shows like To All the Boys, Sex Lives of College Girls, The Voice, Strictly, and Masterchef.

‘If This Is How The Story Ends’ is out now. 

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