NEW SINGLE: Kwun ‘Ageless Ancient & True’

“I know now your love is ancient, ageless and true / I died a thousand deaths today, just to get closer to you,” UK rising artist Kwun sings in his newest single ‘Ancient Ageless & True.’ This profound testimonial of pure love, beauty, and admiration follows up on Kwun’s successful debut ‘Supernatural.’ 

As for his introductory release, ‘Supernatural,’ Kwun explores human connection and consciousness themes. ‘Ancient Nageless & True’ is no exception. The track’s lyrical simplicity creates a vast opportunity for resonance and universal timelessness. 

Answering a frequent question of what came first, lyrics or the melody, Kwun opens up about ‘Ancient Ageless & Tue,’ whose core emerged to light during a powerful session with a shaman in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Utilising heightened awareness, Kwun felt a natural flow of lyrics that blended beautifully with his eclectic style of Rock, Americana, and Funk. 

 ‘Ancient Ageless & True’ was recorded in Kwun’s former hometown of Glastonbury, UK, in remote collaboration with an impressive line up of Nashville studio musicians that previously worked with stars like Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban. 

This Eagles-inspired track is the second installment and title track of Kwun’s upcoming project dropping this year. Stay tuned!

Listen to ‘Ancient Ageless & True’ out now.

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