Danish Artist, Maddy Has Torn Up The Rule Book, Uprooted And Releases Her New Single ‘Dum, Dum, Dum’ From Her New LA Base Today.

Almost two years ago, Danish artist Maddy released the single ‘Island’, a song which featured flawless, classy vocals and great production. The release of a single at the beginning of a two-year global pandemic and the restrictions that came with that, maybe wasn’t the best timing wise but this shouldn’t detract from an artist with real talent and class. In 2021, she followed up with a tale of damaged lovers hoping that they can repair one another called ‘Broken’ and found success with tracks like ‘Keep Up’ and ‘Iceland’ being used in advertising and by HBO Max respectively. Even with the difficulties involved in engaging an audience, Maddy has more than succeeded in becoming an artist to follow.

So, it was with some excitement that I approached today’s release by Maddy, who has gone from her Copenhagen base to LA in an effort, I guess, to broaden her horizons and distance herself from the inevitable anxieties that can manifest at home. Today’s release, ‘Dum Dum Dum’ is written and recorded with noise rock modern legend Sune Wagner, a Danish American who has shaped the sound of rock internationally for more than 20 years as songwriter, guitar, vocals and producer of critically acclaimed duo The Raveonettes with Sharin Foo.

Maddy says of the move:

“I’ve been trying to fit in and find my space in this arty world but eventually I realized I was in a personal crisis. So, I booked a ticket to LA, rented a room in an old, spacey lady’s flat, knowing I was on a mission to create something new but still unknown. Then I met Sune.”

This meeting has acted as the catalyst for the creation of several songs together of which today’s single is the first glimpse. The simple structure of a repeating, raw bass line with a stomping beat on Sune’s unique noise scapes coupled with Maddy’s trademark intimate, flawless vocal has become a brand new start for an artist that had already started to create a stir but wanted to do something unique, something new. Whilst Sune seems to have rediscovered the quality of debut EP ‘Whip It On’ and album ‘Chain of Love’ by having this new vocal muse, Maddy has found the perfect foil to her stunning vocals. This could be the link up both artists needed at exactly the right time.

Maddy says:

“The hook of ‘Dum Dum Dum’ is basically just sounds but it’s also a melody that describes an escape from reality. I needed a song about what life is like when insignificant little things and thoughts feel excessively overmuch. ‘Dum Dum Dum’ is for when your body and mind call for a break and a song for everyone to not always try and strive for perfection but just let go and enjoy the ride.”

By shifting her focus from achieving perfection and refocusing on the fulfilment of the moment, Maddy may have managed to achieve what she was looking for in the first place. The perfect home for her stunning vocals. In applying the lessons learned from nearly twenty years of creation, Sune may have discovered a new found inspiration. ‘Dum Dum Dum’ feels like the start of something special, it feels like something we should take notice of. The song is released worldwide today on Capitol Records, enjoy!

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