K.ZIA Releases Her Sultry But Heartfelt New Single And Video, ‘I Got Your Back’, A Song About Depression And Care.

With this stunning new release K.ZIA continues to build a high quality catalogue of music in preparation for the February release of her eagerly awaited debut album ‘Genesis’ and as always the song comes with a beautifully conceived and visualised video.

K.ZIA effortlessly blends so many genres with her music in the same way she effortlessly blends two sides of her enigmatic nature. Light, warm and passionate as K.ZIA and dark, bold and intoxicating as ZIA. That one sings in English and the other in French just makes the blend so much more enthralling. Calm, strong and sensual juxtaposed but combined with impulsive, emotional and wild. A mother spirit and a wild spirit. One is free, the other is unapologetic. One is warmth, the other is fire. She embraces both and brings elements of R&B, soul, pop, trap and afro beats to her music.

‘I Got Your Back’ is a song that is very important to the artist. She says:

“‘I Got Your Back’ is a song close to my heart. Dedicated to one of my closest and longest friends, it’s a song of comfort for the ones among us who suffer from depression. Life can feel so lonely at times; depression is a subject we don’t often talk about but touches so many. Its ok to need some time off, its ok to feel a certain type of way. The last two years have been heavy on a lot of us and this song is a warm hug from a distance to make sure you know that whatever happens, I got you.”

A song that gets to this core issue is so important and the fact that K.ZIA has chosen her mother spirit to deliver this message of warmth is very important. This is a song of care, a song of nurture as well as nature and its stunning delivery and lyrically simple but important message could not be more welcome than now. Christmas is a time when emotions are very close to the surface. We can be blinded by the bright lights and happy decoration at this time of the year, but we are not all ok at Christmas and a song like this powerfully gets the message across. You are not alone, I care about you, I got your back.

Enjoy the song, warm to this charming and super talented artist but I’m sure that K.ZIA would want you to most of all take on board the message. Listen to the song and then take the time to look at those around you and let them know ‘I Got Your Back’.

‘I Got Your Back’ is available to stream and download here. Watch the video on YouTube.

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