Watch The Official Trailer For Hometown Showdown Starring Maya Jama, Chunkz, Dan & Phil, W2S And More – Launches November 18 On YouTube

Hometown Showdown is the ultimate bragging rights battle – the chaotic competitive travel show where two best friends go head to head in the battle of the hometowns to prove that where they come from is simply the best place in the UK. 

YouTube Creator Chunkz gives TV & Radio presenter Maya Jama the ultimate postcode tour of his beloved, very rainy and surprisingly camel-filled North West London – and Maya pulls out all the stops to showcase the very best of beautiful Bristol and its counter-culture delights. 

Phil Lester treats Daniel Howell to a charmingly quirky and cake-heavy voyage around Rawtenstall before Dan fights back with his own creative and subversive take on his hometown of Winnersh.

Vlogger Olivia Neill gives best mate Flossie Clegg the runaround in her action-packed tour of Belfast – then Flossie treats Olivia to a glamorous tour with food, drink and a sun-drenched flight around the glorious Cotswolds

WillNE welcomes fellow YouTuber pal Harry Lewis (aka W2S / Wrotetoshaw) to the tropical Whitley Bay for a very alternative tour of the North East, before Harry returns the favour with a heart-pumping and disastrous sprint around Stratford.

With their hometown’s entire history and culture to throw at each other, this action-packed adventure is the fastest, funniest and often most ridiculous celebration of all the little things that make where you live great.

Hometown Showdown is produced for YouTube Originals by Fulwell 73 (Carpool Karaoke, The Late Late Show With James Corden, Crouchy’s Year-Late Euros), with Gabe Turner as executive producer, Murray James and Amy Gaunt as producers and David Soutar as series director of the project. 

Official Trailer  | Hometown Showdown

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