US Pop Sensation Nadine Releases New Single ‘Missed Call’ Today And Chatted With EP.

Nadine Bloch, known professionally as Nadine, is set to release her third single today. ‘Missed Call’ follows on from the excellent ‘My Way’ and ‘Three’ which both showcase the diversity and quality of this artist. Having graduated from the prestigious popular music program at USC, where she added to her already outstanding natural ability developed from the age of 5 in musical theatre, Nadine has hit the ground running with the high quality of her output. ‘Missed Call’ is a further development along the path of musical female empowerment; it’s very clear that Nadine self-empowers with her lyricism as she writes very definitely from the perspective of a young modern woman, but the music is also hugely empowering to the listener whatever the age or gender.

‘Missed Call’ has an incredible tone of truth and authenticity and will resonate with so many people that have stared at the screen of a phone wondering “should I pick this up?”; it’s a song that transforms a common narrative into that soul searching moment of self-examination about past love and moving on or not, the “should I, shouldn’t I?” question that rages within us all. Nadine’s vocals balance power and vulnerability perfectly to a backdrop of layered orchestration and modern pop production as she tries to find the answer.

Nadine poses the question: “why is it called falling in love?” and the song goes through all the emotional turmoil that lead on from a missed call, but has the positive conclusion that “I know you’ll catch me if I fall”. For me, the positivity of the song is based on the two vital things necessary to a good relationship of any kind. If I step over the edge into the unknown, will you hold my hand? I was lucky enough to get to ask Nadine some questions about the song but why not listen to the song and make up your own mind. Would you pick up the call?

EP: ‘Missed Call’ feels like a hugely personal song. There’s real emotion in it so I’m guessing you’ve written it based on experience as there seems to be a real narrative to it. What’s the story behind the song? 

N: Yes, you figured it out haha. I was randomly called one night on FaceTime by an ex-boyfriend that I hadn’t spoken to in a very long time. The call rang all the way through while I panicked, wondering if I should pick up the phone or not. Instead, I ran to my piano and started to write about how I felt in that moment. Best thing I could’ve done to get through that, because I got “Missed Call” out of it.

EP: Having Miami, with its Cuban influence, and LA, with its vibrant music scene, in your musical DNA, how has that affected the music that you write and sing? Where do you feel the most influence coming from?

N: I’m very lucky to have grown up in both incredible cities that definitely shaped me into the artist and person I am today. I find that instead of my music being affected by the different locations I’ve been in, it’s more affected by the people I surround myself with. Whether it’s with family or with friends, if I feel loved and supported, like I do when I’m with them, I feel like I can be my truest self, and that’s when the good stuff comes out.

EP:  You attended one of the most prestigious music institutions when you spent time at USC’s Thornton School of Music. How did that exposure to a more technical teaching of how to make music gel with the music in your soul. Was that the catalyst to the release of your creativity?

N: I feel so blessed to have been in such a game-changing program with the dopest and most talented collaborators in the city all while doing school. I took several music theory classes, music history classes, and even took a drum class. Throughout the 4 years, I was able to refine my sound, my talent and my skills, and I definitely have a tool box filled with things that make me more prepared than ever.

EP: Your music to date has been diverse in subject. On the one hand, ‘My Way’ almost tempted prospective lovers to get on board with your personality in the right way, your way, but warned that they shouldn’t get involved unless they were there to stay. Whilst, the next single, ‘Three’, paints you as the only knowledgeable participant in a ménage a trois; its unapologetic and bold and couldn’t be more different than ‘My Way’. My question is, do you enjoy creating new personas for each song or are these all facets of your own complex nature?

N: You hit those right on the head :). I really do like writing from different people’s perspectives and that’s what I’ve done most of my song writing career, but more recently I’ve found it to be much more rewarding and therapeutic to write from my own thoughts and experiences. I just feel so strongly about those ideas so those end up turning into the best songs.

EP:  Whilst the subjects are diverse, the linking factor is undoubtedly your incredible vocals, effortlessly blending power and seduction in equal measure. Who are your musical inspirations?

N: Thank you!! God, I have so many but just to name a few, Yebba, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, and FLETCHER. The list could go on and on; I am constantly finding new artists online that I absolutely love.

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