President Street Assemble The Dance Floor On ‘Heartbreak Player’ EP

Are you looking for new club songs? No problem, Australian pop duo President Street delivers a new EP, ‘Heartbreak Player,’ with a focus track that will have you dancing in no time.

Front members Pete and Ruby are known to let emotions dominate their songwriting sessions, creating a safe space to produce tracks that allow the listener to leave their soul on the dancefloor. As well as ‘Heartbreak Player,’ the tracklist includes ‘I Found Me,’ ‘Something To Believe,’ ‘Time Is Up,’ and remixes by Adam Turner and Redondo.

Becoming a pop sensation, President Street thrives on honesty, as ‘Heartbreak Player’ illustrates the typical toxic pattern of falling for the wrong person. Knowing the self-destructive tendencies of this generation, the duo is determined to break the cycle with Ruby’s emotive vocals, accompanied by a mix of hypnotic vintage synths with fresh beats.

As well as the rest of the world, President Street looks forward to getting in front of a live audience as a supporting act on the Roachford tour. Time has passed, and the duo has decided to distance themselves from acoustic arrangements as they reconstruct their entire sound. For upcoming President Street performances, strap in for a dynamic and exciting show that will see the band expand via beats, keys, electric guitar, loop pedals, and more.

Listen to ‘Heartbreak Player’ EP:

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