Latest Gaming Trends That Made A Significant Impact

Technology is evolving at breakneck speeds. The gaming industry is a clear example that digital technology has progressed rapidly over the years.

Many exciting developments have been observed in the gaming industry. Many such developments will naturally bloom within this industry. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X both launched, the gaming scene is in for significant changes over the next 4-5 years. But last generation hardware isn’t the only notable gaming industry trend to focus on.

In fact, there are several other meaningful trends that anyone in the video game industry should keep an eye on.

Developing Various Gaming Platforms

One of the most important trends nowadays is that there are currently more gaming platforms than ever before. Obviously, consoles like Xbox and PS have always been massive in this industry, right alongside PC. However, mobile games are getting more and more serious nowadays, and consoles like Switch are also serious competitors among the gaming platforms. The variety of choices is always a good thing, seeing as how these gaming platforms have something creative and unique to offer to the table. Also worth mentioning is the VR support that is expected to become massive in the following years.

Blockchain-Based Games

In 2019, blockchain-based games had a huge impact. Slowly but surely, the blockchain portable games trend in 2019 grew to become super popular. CryptoKitties, a collectible cat blockchain game, is now accessible on mobile phones. The title relates to AR as well as the game’s resemblance with Pokemon Go!.

Blockchain uses information such as player statistics and captureD monsters to store and verify data. 2018 was when the term Blockchain became known to people. News about Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc was circulating all over the internet. Still, people didn’t really understand the benefits of Blockchain or cryptocurrencies yet. Online casino games were among the first to introduce Blockchain into their gaming systems. Games like slots, roulette, and poker are now live because of Blockchain technology. Users have the opportunity to try some of the best slot machines in a fun environment from the comfort of their homes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows the player to digitally receive extra real-time information or data overlay of their actual physical environment. The mobile app, Wikitude, is an excellent illustration of AR in practice. Gaming apps like DroidShooting already have a straightforward shooter game that allows the player to communicate in real-time with the surroundings. The player can shoot objectives all over the place when he is holding the smartphone up. This is, of course, a very primitive play, but there are many options for this notion of gameplay.

Another great example of Augmented reality in games is Pokemon Go! It was a huge hit when it first appeared, with millions and millions of people playing. Pokemon Go brought people closer. Even those not into Pokemon or gaming could come together over an augmented reality game.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

Virtual reality is the realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional setting. The expansion of digitization leads to virtual reality becoming vital in every industry. Virtual reality has been a game-changer in the gaming industry by enhancing the customer experience. In fact, it has helped maximize the benefits in many companies and to improve customer experience dramatically. VR is seen as one of the trendiest game subjects, and the industry has attracted attention. VR-driven gaming apps provide several advantages.

  • Players get a chance to enter the game in real-time
  • Provides attractive virtual items to gamers.
  • The immersive experience improves user commitment
  • Advanced skills that enhance the atmosphere of the game.

The market size of the VR games business is rapidly growing. The ideas put forward in virtual reality games are innovative, intriguing, and fantastic. This is why Virtual Reality has the possibility of becoming the next “Big Thing” in the gaming industry.

Mobile Gaming

Cloud computing technology is gaining popularity with more reliable and quicker online access. The early snake game by Nokia has boosted people’s interest in the game. Therefore, it gave all the developers the chance to expand their dreams, develop more concepts, and grow more. And it never slowed down since then. Mobile gaming technology spreads the love of digital gaming across hardcore console users and internet gamers.

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