4 Ways You Can Have Fun While On Your Commute To Work

If there is one thing nobody is used to anymore, it’s that long commute to the office. However, the old routine is starting to pick up again, and with it you have the long bus rides and train journeys into a tedious day at work, surrounded by people who you thought you missed until you encountered them again. Here are four ways you can have fun on your commute to and from work, to give you at least one thing to look forward to in your working week.

#1 Playing games on your phone

Playing games on your cell phone can be a great and convenient way to pass the time. There are millions of games to choose from to download on your phone via the Apple or Google app stores, or you can play games online such as All Slots Casino, to distract you from the potentially awful or boring day you are about to have, or even the awful or boring day you have had.

#2 Read or watch the news

Even though there isn’t much fun happening anywhere at the moment due to the pandemic and the very quickly escalating climate crisis, you might find something new, or further your knowledge on something that takes your particular interest. There is so much to learn about that you might not even read about current news and events altogether.

#3 Watch a TV series

This can be great when you are on the way to work. Not only are you finding a reason to look forward to going to work, but you might also be able to indulge in some of your comfort programs that are familiar to you, which might distress you if you have a little bit of reopening anxiety. Sitting down on the bus and watching a good episode of Friends, or The Office, might get you in a better mood, and help you to shrug off some of that morning grouchiness.

#4 Meditate or journal

If you sit in the quiet sector of the train, you might want to collect and recentre your thoughts. This can be exceptionally useful for mindfulness and help you with thinking through the problems that the day ahead will bring. It can help your mind clear and increase your productivity, making you feel as if you have achieved far more in the day.

This can be great if you get a lot of before work stress or post-work stress, as it can wind you down before you get to work or back home, so you aren’t bringing any negative energy to other areas that don’t need to feel it.

To wrap things up

Commuting is something that many of us need to get used to again.

Going back to work can generate a lot of anxiety, and you can tackle this in many ways, such as though journaling, gaming, watching TV series, or even learning something new on the news. There are many ways to make your commute fun, you just have to try them.

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