Different Types of Online Bingo Games

One of the advantages of bingo being available online is that there are various forms of games that players can play that all have either their own rules or mechanics that help to separate it from others. These differences help keep bingo feeling unique, fresh, and fun with these alternating game modes being created to enhance the original game.

Here’s a look at some of the different types of online bingo games that you can play and what makes them different from each other. Not every single variety will be mentioned, as you’ll need an article the size of a novel to do that, but instead here’s a look at some of the most played varieties of online bingo.

75 Ball

In this type of bingo, only 75 balls are played, instead of the classic 90, making for a more exciting game as your chances of winning are increased. Furthermore, the cards you play on features a 5 X 5 grind featuring the numbers that you need to scratch out, apart from the middlebox in the gird that’s free for everyone.

To win, a player needs to call out when they have either a vertical, diagonal, and horizontal line, making it a bingo game that has many different options to win. You can play this type of bingo on various bingo platforms, including bounce bingo.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This type of bingo is remarkably similar to the standard 90 ball games that feature cards made up of a grid with 3 rows of 5 numbers and 9 vertical columns. Although, the big difference here is that this game is inspired by the once-popular British game show Deal or No Deal, where each player has to choose a numbered box at the beginning of the game.

Players can win by completing a single line, two lines, a full house or the following deal or no deal feature. To win this final way, the player must choose to either take home the jackpot on offer or to choose the unknown prize contained in the box that they chose in the beginning. This is a really popular form of bingo online due to its slight alteration to enhance the game.

Joker Bingo

Joker bingo is a big deviation from traditional bingo because instead of having a numbered grid on your cards, you instead have playing casino cards in a 3 x 3 grid. The player can then purchase decks that feature 6 cards within them, with the way to win either by calling bingo when you draw the joker card, or when a single player covers all their cards on their grid. It’s a fast-paced bingo game that allows for players to get through multiple rounds in quick succession, making it good for those who may not have that much time to enjoy bingo. It’s said to be a more mischievous bingo game, with cards coming in various themes and designs, ranging from pop culture and periods.

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