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How To Make Money From Your Love Of Music

Are you stuck in a boring 9-5 job that doesn’t provide you with any career satisfaction whatsoever? Do you love music? Combining your quest for a new job with your passion for music is a possibility that might just change your life as you know it! The music industry is a buzzing business filled with talented artists and countless opportunities, but figuring out how to get your foot in the door can seem a little tricky. Luckily, there are a few brilliant ideas and concepts that you can explore to make money from your love of music, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think to get started!

Teach or Tutor

If you have a particular skill such as playing the piano or operatic singing, becoming a tutor could be the ideal choice for you. A tutor is someone who gives private lessons to students who are looking to learn a skill or improve their technique, and you gain the advantage of being your own boss arranging your own schedule suiting a specific price range. If you just have a general passion and interest in music, you may find it enjoyable to become a music teacher in a school. You will have to achieve certain qualifications to reach such a goal, but it’s such a rewarding and inspiring job role that can provide so much satisfaction when you watch a child grow and flourish thanks to your classes.

Become A Songwriter

You may be under the impression that all of your favourite singers and bands create their own songs, but the reality is that it takes a whole team to make one track. A key member of this team is a songwriter, as without them a hit would not even be able to come to life. Figuring out how to learn to write hit making songs doesn’t have to be difficult, as there are many courses that you can complete to develop the skills you need to succeed! Hearing your lyrics play on the radio will give you joy like nothing else, so it’s a definite area to pursue to achieve job satisfaction.


One of the best ways to make money or build a passive income as a music lover is by creating and selling quality merchandise that people will want to buy. This can be a physical product, such as a CD or vinyl record, or a digital product, such as a music lesson pack or bespoke instrumental samples. Passive income is a type of income that doesn’t require much work from you to generate money. This includes royalties on songs that get broadcast, merch sales, and other revenue streams that don’t require you to actively do anything.

Music Journalism

Becoming a music journalist is such a fun and exciting career path to explore, as you can get the chance to meet famous artists and attend amazing shows and events to get the low down on what’s hot in the music industry right now. You need to have a certain personality to fit this role well, as confidence and adaptability is key. One night you might be rocking on at a heavy metal gig, whilst the next morning you could get up early to view a string quartet! It takes time and hard work to make a name for yourself as a music journalist, but you’re bound to wake up every morning excited to head to work to see what the new day will bring.

The one thing to consider if you want to be a music journalist is that you may well need a degree to get your first job. This will cost money, and you could consider using your savings or perhaps remortgaging your home to get your qualification; if that sounds like it could work, click here to find out more. However you do it, remember that it has to be cost-effective for you, so think carefully before making any decisions.

Making money from your love of music has never been so easy when you can utilise the ideas above!

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