Biggest Casino Jackpot Wins In History 

Throughout history, some of the biggest casino jackpot wins have changed the lives of people across the world forever. Indeed, jackpot games are not to be underestimated, these kinds of casino games – whether slots, card games or bingo games – really do hold a key to a life-changing fortune. 

It’s the dream of many people to win with jackpot games. And, it’s more possible than ever – the rise of the best new casino site has made these kinds of playing options more accessible than before. What could possibly be better than being able to play jackpot games at the touch of a button? 

£4.3 million, Mars Attacks online slot machine 

Winning perhaps? A slots fan from Newcastle, 33 year old Chef Sean Doyle from Newcastle nabbed himself a decent £4.3 million from one of the best online real cash casinos. The slots enthusiast won this massive amount playing the infamous Mars Attacks slot machine online. What’s more, he was playing on his mobile phone. 

Sean described the moment he realised he won in an interview. He said as he watching the jackpot reach £1 million he switched off his phone, “I couldn’t look. I couldn’t believe my eyes after I saw the final amount.” This story is a reminder for how important optimisation is. 

$40 million, Poker 

Across the pond, here’s a story about a now-famous high-stakes gambler, and his legendary win. In 1992, Archie Karas lost $2 million during a game of poker, and headed to Vegas with just $50 in his pocket. A lover of gambling, this small monetary amount didn’t stop him. 

Borrowing $10,000 he played one of the more high stakes casino games. Winning game after another, by the end of the day he won $17 million. Karas paid off his $10,000 debt with 50 per cent interest. His winning streak lasted three years, and he ended up with $40 million. 

$34.95 million, Megabucks slot machine 

A real fairy tale story, Cynthia Jay decided to play with the Megabucks slot machine during her mother-in-law’s birthday party. On just her ninth go, she won a whopping $34.95 million – but that’s not just a handsome win, it was then the biggest Megabucks jackpot win in history. 

With her awesome win, Cynthia lived the dream we all strive justify. She quit her day job, married her love, and went on to travel the world. Sadly, her fairy tale took a turn when a car accident left her paralysed from below the chest. Proving anything can happen, even with the best of luck. 

$27.6 million, another Megabucks slot machine 

Another win thanks to Megabucks, 67 year old retired flight attendant spent $300 at this game of slots and left with more than $27 million. These tales of triumph are an ode to the casino games industry, and what makes them all the more special is that these winners were all just average people. Could it be you on the next biggest casino jackpot wins in history list?

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