Kris James’ ‘Naive’ Is Finally Out!

Kris James’ ‘Naive’ is finally out!

After months of teasing, Kris James has finally released ‘Naive’, the track which tells the tales of his ups and downs in the music industry.

Owning up to a less-than-happy past is not something which would necessarily come easily to most, but Kris James takes the admissions in his stride, with a sense of self-assurance and confidence, and no more than a fleeting backwards glance. The instrumentation, carnival-inspired and ultimately positive, add to this feeling of triumph and calm which comes with James’ exuberant vocals.

This release is in advance of his upcoming debut album, appropriately titled ‘The Highs And Lows Of Love And Life’, in which we can hope to see more tunes of a confessional nature, always paired with the catchiest and light-hearted beats!

Listen to ‘Naive’ here.

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