Jonny Ong’s ‘Fools’ Sees A Maturation In His Sound – Already

‘Fools’ is the follow up to Jonny Ong’s psychedelically-charged ballad, ‘Isolation’, and sees a maturation in his sound – already.

Already building on the underground success of previous single ‘Isolation’ comes ‘Fools’ – the culmination of years of hard work and musical study on the part of Ong. It’s a song which arrives fully and perfectly formed in all its astute observations of the human condition, as well as a near-perfect arrangement spanning the genres of jazz, folk and rock all at once.

Taking obvious inspiration from the greats – The Beatles, The Doors, Love and more psychedelic giants are all paid homage to during ‘Fools’, as well as more avant-garde artists such as David Bowie, in the flourishes of the handpan, Ong’s signature instrument.

Growing up in Singapore, Ong was influenced by the culture around him before becoming interested in the psychedelic movement of the West. Later on, he was inspired by a busker in Amsterdam to pick up the handpan, and this was then introduced into his sound.

East meets West in Ong’s approach to psychedelia, in a way which breathes fresh air into this somewhat tired genre. It’s refreshing to hear this melting pot of influences in a song which sounds wholly new yet with recognisable elements throughout. An essential listen.

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