Austin Harms and INTRN Release New Track ‘used to be’

‘used to be’ is one of the most chilled out tracks you will listen to today. Austin Harms and INTRN have joined forces to create this absolute masterpiece! Out now on all major streaming platforms.

The story behind the single is about a spontaneous 48-hour trip to New York City. It was on this trip where the pair reminisced and realized just how much they’ve changed over the years. Whilst some may find this realization daunting, INTRN and Austin discovered that accepting this change is important. In order to accept this, this deep sense of discovery of one’s self was channeled into creating ‘used to be’.

It is the perfect song if you are coming from the same place. Sit back and accept the fact that your life is changing around you. The combination of INTRN’s pop style and Austin’s electronic vibes creates a relaxing flow of sounds that will allow you to reflect. Lyrically perfect to help you connect with the track instantly. 

‘used to be’ will be hosted on Aminium’s Youtube where it is bound to reach thousands of people so be sure to go check that out! 

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