‘Trippin’ Singer Giulia Shows Off Her Artistic Abilities In Recent Instagram Posts

Singer, songwriter and now budding photographer Giulia is showing off her artistic abilities throughout her Instagram feed.

Taking to the social media platform to share some rather professional looking snaps of the ‘Trippin’ singer posing in the background of monochromatic pictures, its Giulia’s editing skills alongside her eye for photo taking that are bumping up her Instagram profile.

Editing in inspiring and meaningful messages personal to her, Giulia has  uploaded two posts so far that are truly showcasing her love for this artform. “Love ur self” and “Trippin Out” the title of Giulia’s recent single are a selection of the words plastered across the pics.

Whilst we wait for Giulia to release more original material off the back of ‘Trippin’, check out her Instagram profile and see her photography come to life.

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