Pete Gardiner Releases New Single For Mothers’ Day, ‘A Mother Like You’

This Sunday will see the release of a very personal tribute from Pete Gardiner to his mother. ‘A Mother Like You’ is a song that was written especially for his own Mum but its a song that will resonate with men everywhere as they struggle, like many men, to put into words what their mother means to them.

It’s a thank you for all the times a Mum quietly and without fanfare steps in to help, support and rescue their son. Most men will not have the words, so it seems like a great idea to leave that task up to Pete Gardiner who has proved time and time again that if there is one thing he definitely has, it’s the words.

‘A Mother Like You’ is recognition of the part that Pete’s mother has played in his journey so far. Leaving Ireland in 2015 and crafting songs that have been shaped by whiskey, heartbreak and frustration with the world that we live in, Pete’s lyrical poetry has often felt revolutionary. He has never wavered from his unfailingly honest assessment of the world and his interaction with it.

This has culminated recently with the release of last single ‘Bourbon and the Truth’, critically acclaimed and well received by several radio stations, which pulls no punches but seems to have marked a point at which Pete can take stock of things. Any man will tell you, if he can put thought and emotion into words, that taking stock often involves looking at the way the women in their lives have affected them. This all starts with the woman who will “sing you through the good times and pray you through the worst”. It starts with the arms that “were there to die in the moment” Pete was born. It starts with Mum!

This moving testimonial from Pete to his mother and surely to all of those mothers out there will be released across all digital platforms on Sunday, Mothers’ Day, and at a crazy time in the world when it might be impossible to see our Mums and give them a hug, this is a great opportunity to let Pete Gardiner be our spokesman.

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